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Preparation for either the full time or blended learning diploma in interior design for non-degree holding students

KLC will require those students who have been provisionally accepted on the diploma without a degree qualification to complete this online pre-diploma course prior to the start of their programme of study. However, many students who do already have a degree qualification also find this course very beneficial for refreshing academic study skills. This course will provide invaluable preparation for non-degree holding students for the highly intensive diploma courses.

The syllabus will cover the following and will be delivered through online lectures:

  • Research and recording information
  • Accessing creativity, mind mapping and lateral thinking
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Structuring an essay, recognising and reflecting on different points of view, developing an argument, communicating ideas effectively
  • MLA referencing
  • Time management and self-motivation
  • Making use of facilities (museums, galleries and libraries)

Should any section of the preparatory course work not meet the necessary standard, candidates would be required to re-submit.   

Diploma Preparatory Course

ONLINE PREPARATORY DIPLOMA COURSE NOW OPEN: for all non-degree holding students joining the full time and blended learning diploma in interior design course. To register, please contact our Registrars at 020 7376 3377.


Preparation for either the Full-Time or Blended Learning Diploma in Interior Design for non-degree holding students.


Suitable for students without a degree qualification (or for others wishing to refresh their study skills) who are about to begin either the Full-Time or Blended Learning Diploma in Interior Design


Online study


At home