Terms and Conditions (all courses)

Terms & conditions for all of KLC's courses.
Version 1.8


1.1 The terms of the enrolment or online booking form and these terms and conditions constitute the terms of a legally binding contract ("the Contract") between you, the student, any invoice addressee set out in the enrolment form and KLC Limited ("the School").

1.2 Any enrolment application by you will be subject to written acceptance by the School.

1.3 The contract commences on the date of your written confirmation, not the start date of the course or when you first log in to the student support services.

1.4 You must ensure that the details provided by you on application or at any time during the contract period are correct and complete. You must inform us immediately of any changes to the information that you provided when you registered. Serious inaccuracies or omissions may result in the School not issuing you with a Diploma or Certificate or requiring you to cease attending the course, whilst your financial obligation will remain in accordance with the terms of this contract.

1.5 KLC School of Design is under a statutory obligation to provide some of your personal data to Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). HESA uses records for statistical analysis, statistical data for research and commercial uses about students in higher education. By enrolling with KLC School of Design, you understand that you are giving permission for your personal data to be used by HESA. Full details of how HESA will collect, record and use your data are available on HESA's collection notices web pages - https://www.hesa.ac.uk/collection-notices.


2.1 For any course requiring more than 10 days of study, the School will provide you with a Student Handbook on enrolment, which offers advice on how to prepare and get the most out of your course. You will be provided with a Course Handbook on the first day of term and this will contain further information on your course as well as the School's rules and regulations. You must read both your Student Handbook and your Course Handbook carefully, and comply with all other rules and regulations issued by the School during your course.

2.2 It is a condition of enrolment that you are available to attend during term dates of your course.  You may not leave before the end of term or take periods away from the course without prior permission.  Any such requests must be agreed by the Course Director.

2.3 The School reserves the right not to issue you with a Diploma or Certificate or to require you to cease attending the course if you are in breach of our academic and personal conduct procedures.  Further details on our procedures will be provided in your Course Handbook.

2.4 As the School does not have crèche facilities or child amenities and children are not permitted in the studios/classrooms for health and safety reasons, students are not permitted to bring children if they are attending a course at KLC.

2.5 KLC reserves the right to refuse a student admission to a course if in breach of our academic and personal conduct procedures.

2.6 The School reserves the right to make reasonable changes on the timing and/or content of any course and to substitute any tutor/lecturer at any time.

2.7 Places on a course are not transferable.


3.1 Enrolment is subject to payment of an enrolment fee or the full fees as set out in the Admissions Information on the KLC website.  The enrolment fee or the full fees will only be repaid if the School is unable to offer you a place on your chosen course or as set out in the Contract.

3.2 Following acceptance of your application by the School, you and the invoice addressee will be contractually bound to pay the full amount of the School's fees (including all instalments) in the manner set out in the enrolment form.  No refund will be made if you subsequently do not attend all or any part of the course or if you fail any part of the course.

3.3 If you have elected to pay by instalments and subsequently do not attend or cease to study the course, all outstanding instalments will become immediately payable.  If you do not elect to pay by instalments, you and the invoice addressee will be deemed to have elected to pay the full amount of the School's fees before the start of the course as set out in the enrolment form.

3.4 STUDENT LOANS: For students who would like to apply to Student Finance England to pay for part (or full if applicable) of their fees, KLC will require confirmation of your funding application before we can finalise your enrolment. If you subsequently do not attend all or part of the course, part of your student loan may be reclaimed by Student Finance England and you will be liable for any outstanding KLC course fees.

3.5 All students are strongly advised to take out insurance against loss of fees due to accident or illness. The School must be made aware of any pre-existing medical conditions. Where a student is unable to continue their studies due to accident, illness or other personal circumstances, it may be possible for them to take an intermission from their studies as set out in the University of Brighton's General Examination & Assessment Regulations (GEAR). If a student has to repeat any of part of their studies to enable this, then they will need to pay pro rata for that additional tuition and re-joining a course is subject to a place being available. Please note that intermission does not affect your financial obligation to the course and start date of your original enrolment.

3.6 Where any fee or part of a fee remains unpaid 14 days after the due date, the School reserves the right to:

3.6.1 charge interest on the overdue amount at the rate of 12% per annum from the due date until actual payment; and/or

3.6.2 suspend you and reallocate your place (without prejudice to the obligation to pay fees); and/or

3.6.3 demand payment in full of all outstanding fees and instalments.

3.6.4 In the event that KLC will be forced to take legal steps for unpaid account, the student and/or invoice addressee will be liable for extra claims such as interest, court fees and costs.

3.7 If you/the invoice addressee pay by electronic bank transfer, you/the invoice addressee must ensure that the School receives the full amount due after any bank charges that are payable.

3.8 We have the right not to issue a Diploma, Certificate or academic transcript to students on graduation until any outstanding payments on their account have been settled.

3.9 Please note that VAT will be charged at the rate in force at the date payments are made (including all instalments) which may increase or decrease the total fees quoted if the VAT rate changes.

3.10 FOR FOUNDATION DEGREE STUDENTS: For students progressing to Level 5, fees for subsequent level of study (Level 5) may be subject to an increase in line with inflation. Fees will be charged at the rate in force at the date registrations are made.


4.1 You must not bring any items of special value onto the School's premises.  The School will not accept responsibility for the loss of any personal possessions.

4.2 The School will not be liable for any loss suffered by you which is indirect, special or consequential or comprises loss of profits.

4.3 The School will not be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from any event which is beyond the reasonable control of the School.

4.4 The School will take the utmost care while marking students' work.  However, in the event of any loss or damage to work, the School will be unable to take responsibility.

4.5 KLC may sometimes offer a free trial on some courses. When you sign up for the trial, you consent to KLC using your payment details in accordance to the payment schedule of your contract. You may only use the free trial offer once.

4.6 The School is not responsible to you for any data that you have lost as a result of accessing KLC's online course materials and student support services.  Likewise, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have regularly saved and backed up (a) all data which they hold on the computer from which they are accessing KLC's online materials and services, and (b) all data recorded/entered when completing the course.

4.7 It is the student's responsibility to check that the computer they use to access KLC's course materials and student support services is compatible with the minimum specification requirement for that course. KLC will not be held responsible for any technical problems student may encounter as a result of not meeting the minimum specification requirement.

4.8 KLC is not responsible for software provided by third parties. In the event of difficulties with any software purchased, students should contact the third party provider for all technical issues.

4.9 Technical support for KLC online services may not be available during periods of downtime. Downtime includes scheduled or emergency maintenance, repairs or upgrades to improve the service and performance of the website and online student support services. KLC will not be held responsible for any delay or disruptions to your access to the online services as a result of such period of unavailability.

4.10 KLC's course materials, including those supplied online, are for training purposes only.  KLC will not accept any responsibility to any party for the use of the course materials for any purpose other than training for education purposes, including giving of advice by you to any third party.

5. CANCELLATION (and see additional statutory rights as set out below)

5.1 The School reserves the right to cancel a course at any time subject to repayment of any enrolment fee and any fees received in respect of the course or the part of the course that has been cancelled.

5.2 If you wish to cancel your place on the BA (Hons) Interior Design, Diploma Interior Design (Full Time or Blended Learning),  Foundation Degree (Online or Full Time), Diploma Garden Design, Certificate Interior Design (Full Time or Part Time), please give written notice of cancellation to the School not less than 8 weeks before the start date (being the first day of the first term).  The School will then refund any fees paid, less the enrolment fee / deposit.  Your statutory rights are not affected.

5.3 If you wish to cancel your place on a Short Course (one week and less), the Part Time Introduction to Interior Design, KLC will refund course fees paid (less an administrative charge of £25 of the course fees paid) for cancellations made 4 weeks or more prior to the course start date.  We regret that we are unable to refund fees under any circumstances made less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the course (this is subject to your statutory right set out below).

5.4 If you wish to cancel your place on the Open Learning Diploma courses, you will need to send a notification that you wish to cancel your place, within 28 days of the date of your enrolment. KLC is unable to refund fees under any circumstances for any cancellations made after the 28 day trial period. For Open Learning Diploma Garden Design, student will also need to return any course materials provided to the School in pristine condition. KLC reserves the right to charge student for any goods returned in faulty condition.

5.5 For Open Learning Diploma Garden Design course, postage cost for sending course materials overseas will be charged to student regardless of course cancellation. The overseas postage cost will be taken at the end of the 28 day trial period, or in the event of cancellation, the cost will be charged on the day of the cancellation. All students must bear the cost of any return.

5.6 Open Learning Diploma Courses will be deemed to be cancelled and the contract terminated if the student does not complete the course within the 5 year registration period without prejudice to the obligation to pay fees (the date of the contract being the start of the 5 year period).

5.7 In the case of either a non-EU or non-EEA Student being unable to obtain a Visa to study in the UK, KLC will transfer the full enrolment fee / deposit to a future start date of the same course or refund the enrolment fee / deposit less a £750 administrative charge, as long as the student contacts the School at least 15 working days prior to the start date of the course.  KLC must receive written proof of the Study Visa being declined and this must be sent to KLC within 5 working days of receipt of that letter.  Your statutory rights are not affected (see below).

5.8 In the event of the School's inability to continue to sponsor a student due to UKVI action that is beyond the School's reasonable control, the School will provide reimbursement of course fees for studies not completed (calculated on a pro-rata basis, but not any ancillary expenses incurred).

5.9 If a written request is provided 8 weeks before the start date of any course you are enrolled on that requires more than 10 days of study, KLC will allow a transfer to a future start date of the same course.  For all other courses, students may transfer to another start date of the same course (subject to availability) for an administrative charge of £25 if notice is given 2 weeks or more prior to the course start date. Transfers will not otherwise be allowed.

5.10 You are not entitled to cancel the Contract in any circumstances other than as set out in the Contract.


6.1 You agree to keep confidential all course materials supplied to you by the School. Copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all course materials belong to the School.  No printed or online course materials, nor any part of them, may be reproduced, stored/saved, broadcasted or transmitted.

6.2 The access of an Online Course is personal to you so you must keep your password for the KLC and Online Student Support Services confidential and not disclose or share this with anyone. You may not transfer your rights to access the Online Course or provide an Online Course to any other person. Your right to access the online study materials is for the duration of the course.

6.3 The School will not provide any personal information about any student, including details of academic progress, to a 3rd Party unless the Student makes a specific request for information to be released to a given 3rd Party and this is then agreed by the Principal or Director of Studies.

6.4 You agree to grant to the School in respect of any work produced by you during the course, a perpetual royalty-free licence to copy and display such work for promotional purposes only. You agree to allow your picture to be taken whilst attending the school premises and course days out and authorise the School to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. You agree that the School may use such photographs with or without your name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity illustration and web content. Students have the right to specially request an Opt Out Form from their Course Leader to withdraw their consent for this.

6.5 The Contract contains all of the contractual terms agreed between you, the invoice addressee and the School.

6.6 No failure or delay by the School in enforcing any of its rights under the Contract shall be deemed to be a waiver of such right.

6.7 The Contract shall be governed by English law.


You and the invoice addressee have the right to cancel the Contract (and have all monies paid returned by the School) at any time before the date 14 working days after the date of the Contract. This right to cancel must be exercised by notice in writing. If a notice of cancellation is sent by post, it can be posted at any time up to and including the 14 day cancellation period. If you start by attending or studying on a course before your 14 day statutory right to cancel ends, the right to cancel will be lost.

Should a student have any concerns relating to the content / delivery of the course, or an incident, please follow this link: https://www.klc.co.uk/Admissions/Terms/ComplaintResolution. to view the formal process KLC uses to resolve this.


I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out above.


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