Lajos Tanczos

Age:                 48
Nationality:      Hungarian
Course:           Blended Learning Diploma Interior Design

What was your background before KLC?

Banking and IT. I graduated from an economy degree and I have studied IT as well. I have spent exciting and challenging years in the financial industry working for several European and global banks in different countries. I could gain a wealth of knowledge about people, project and program management in a truly multinational environment.

Why did you decide to study Interior Design?

A secret dream. Before my university studies, I was deeply interested in design and I even participated in a fashion design competition. As my life had turned into another direction and was full of bits and bytes, cents and pennies, I had to lock the design dreams into a box and put it aside.  One momentum can change a lot in one’s life so I have made a brave decision and opened the box now...

What did you think of the course?

A life changing experience combined with a lot of hard work. We have learnt so much! When I look back I cannot count the endless nights spent with working on my projects. But I can see how we could grow step by step, term by term in knowledge and skills. Each of our projects was different and gave enough challenge and great joy at the end.

What are your design interests/strengths?

Commercial and residential. Undoubtedly both of them are interesting for me. From a commercial point of view, a good design can give excellent value for the clients.  From a residential point of view, the key is to create a real, liveable home for the client. My strongest assets are that I can deeply understand what the clients would like to achieve with the design and I can transform my creative into real designs using my technical skills.

What space best represents you?

I really liked each project - we could learn different aspects of design through them. This has taught to me that the space that represents me the best is “Individuality”.  Private clients, commercial practices, all need individual design. The space has to represent them, not only me as a designer.  I need to influence them but I must not replace their dreams.

What are your plans for the future?

Bright and brave! At the doorstep of a new world, I need bright ideas and brave steps to gain more and more experience in the design industry. Using my previous professional experience and combining it with my new skills learnt at KLC and hard work, this step can be made.

Lajos' final exhibition