Pernille Pahle

Age:                 35
Nationality:      Danish
Course:           Full Time Diploma Interior Design

What was your background before KLC?

After finishing my Danish degree in Fashion and Beauty Photography I freelanced in London and specialised in postproduction. I spent 5 years at Burberry running a team of 18 retouchers, overseeing all Look Books, Seasonal Campaigns and E-commerce deliveries for web and print. My position required a combination of photography knowledge, visual and technical retouching skills, management and a deep understanding of the brand.

Why did you decide to study Interior Design?

I love learning new skills and broadening my horizon. I craved working in a 3 dimensional space and being able to make a difference for the individual.

What did you think of the course?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and the course has guided me through exploring new and connecting existing skill sets. The course confirmed my Scandinavian beliefs, that there is so much more to this profession than what meets the eye.

What are your design interests/strengths?

I get very excited about concept work! Researching and decoding a brand is essential to understanding how to create the ideal space for the client. This is where my photographic background and brand understanding compliment my new design skills of bringing it all to life!

What space best represents you?

A space filled with passionate individuals who truly care about what they have chosen to do in life. Combine this with honest sustainable materials with lots of character, and I'm in my element!

What are your plans for the future?

I will be moving to Stockholm in the near future and I hope to be involved with sustainability in design, and improving quality of life through interior design. I believe Scandinavia is on the forefront in combining health and design, and my goal is to become part of a passionate team helping others have a better life.

Examples of Pernille's sketchbook