Elina Siltanen-Sjoberg

Name:             Elina Siltanen-Sjoberg
Age:                39
Course:          Certificate Interior Design, 1996

What were you doing before KLC and why did you decide to study at the school?

I was 18 when I enrolled for KLC, I knew the reputation of the school and wanted to learn with the best. Interior Design was always the only choice of career for me since I was 8 years old. I never considered another career.

Can you identify some of the highlights and challenges of your time at KLC?

Some of the highlights were definitely all the interesting visits to historical houses like Hampton Court; also the tutors were hugely inspirational. And of course making new friends; who are still my friends today! One of the challenges was that sometimes I felt a bit young, as all the other students were considerably older than myself, but we had a great time. It was all was fun and interesting.

How has your career evolved since graduating?

I continued to University of Kent and did a degree in Interior Architecture, worked in London and internationally ever since I graduated.

What kind of projects have you been working on recently?

I’ve done acoustics projects on large concert Houses in Helsinki and Porvoo in Finland, which lasted about three years, as well as high end private residences, restaurants and office interiors. I think I have completed over +500 projects during my whole career since graduating from KLC!

Examples of Elina's residental work