Madeleine Milhench

Name: Madeleine Milhench

Nationality: British

Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

Describe your time at KLC School of Design After completing and graduating from a BA (Hons) in Architecture at University. I took up an eight month interior design internship.  Upon finishing my internship I felt that my true passion was for the interior of buildings rather than the exterior.  I wanted to gain further knowledge of Interior Design through University level education and after visiting an open day at KLC, I thought the BA (Hons) Interior Design Course would be perfect for me.  The course covers a wide range of subjects and aspects within interior design.  As well as Design modules we also focus on construction and technical details.  Professional Practice is also a very important as it should enable us to transition from education to industry quite easily and we will be able to hit the ground running.

Describe Interior Design and what it means to you

To me Interior Design is about innovative design, always trying to push boundaries, putting your own style and a twist into the design, whilst always adhering to the client’s brief. Creating beautiful and functional spaces that will improve the life of the user.  Whilst being creative it is also important to consider the technicalities and practicality of the space.  I love it when an interior design scheme is finished and you can see how it has all come together.  There is always a great sense of achievement when you walk into a room you have designed and you have a happy client!   

What is the best thing about studying at KLC School of Design? The best thing about studying at KLC School of Design is the range and depth that the course covers. The small class size also means you get a lot of one to one time with your tutors.  It really focuses on getting you ready for industry as soon as you graduate.

What do you want to do when you finish your BA (Hons) course? When I finish my BA (Hons) course I would like to do a couple of months travelling. Not only will it be a nice way to have some time to relax after a busy year but I also feel so much can be learnt from experiencing different cultures, there will be many sources of inspiration and this will be able to enrich my design work in years to come.  I would then like to secure a job with an Interior Design firm specialising in high end residential design.  However, if I have the opportunity I would also like to work on some other design projects including hotels, restaurants and yacht design.

Describe the most successful piece of work you have produced so far. I feel my most successful design work so far was the exhibition I designed for SCP for the Shored-itch Design Triangle. My concept was the ‘kaleidoscope’.  I was led to develop this concept after we were given a talk at SCP about their company, where they described themselves as a ‘kaleidoscope of design’.  I also felt the area of Shoreditch and the Design Triangle fitted in well into this concept, as both can be seen as ‘kaleidoscopes’ of design, creativity, culture and colour.