What the Students Say

I thoroughly enjoyed the BA year despite the intense workload and steep learning curve. It is a very professionally geared course that has helped me endlessly whilst setting up my own business. The professional practice lectures were especially helpful as they outlined the law and professional side of an interior design company. The depth of technical detailing has also helped me understand areas of construction that I never thought would be need. We were lucky to have tutors with vast technical knowledge who made themselves available via email even on the days we weren’t at school.

Anna de Grande

Diploma Interior Design

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the great study experience and for such a beautiful and elegant graduation ceremony we all received. It was a fantastic evening in the perfect setting and I felt very happy and privileged to be part of it. It was a very enlightening experience to see how the school helped some of its best talent to grow and strengthen and every award was so well deserved. Thank you very much for the dedicated team of tutors and the support from all the staff of the school.

Malika Gasu

I chose KLC because of the practical nature of the course I would greatly recommend KLC to all who have an interest in developing a career in interior design: however be ready to give it your all The best thing about studying at KLC School of Design is that the programme puts students in touch with the realities of the career of an interior designer. We met real clients and worked on real life projects as well as the very important aspect of practice management which the “standard university” would not necessarily incorporate into their curriculum

Stephen Ryan

Diploma Garden Design

The high reputation of the school amongst the practicing designers that I surveyed was the overriding factor that convinced me to choose KLC

Ronald Brooklyn-Fuhres

Certificate Interior Design

The three month, full time study format really suited me and KLC’s network of industry contacts is very important as well. Besides that it was clear from the Open Day that there is a great family atmosphere at the school; something that really appeals to me.
The thing that concerned me most about the online course was my ''expectation'' of feeling isolated and this has definitely not been the case. The combination of the coffee shop forums, the seminars etc. makes me feel very much a part of the group. I like the way the portfolios have open access, so as with a classroom environment you can see your classmates work.
I would encourage anyone considering interior design as a career to enrol without hesitation.
An inspiring and motivating course that has given me the confidence and skills to really get stuck in to designing my new home!
Well done for picking such great team; everyone works extremely hard to help us and inspire us ready for the future. I only wish I had started years ago!
The tutors are exceptional at KLC. They recognise your potential and drive you further than you think your limits are and more – the result is exceptionally worthwhile. I value KLC for their connection to the various industry experts that we are fortunate to meet, be motivated and inspired by.
The course gave me a good introduction to how to start your own interior design project, and an insight into how complex the interior design business really is. It was very inspiring and definitely gave a taste for more. Right now I''m trying to decide which course to enrol in next ...

Rosalyn Cropper

Certificate Interior Design

My time at KLC has been a life changing experience, it truly has. I wanted to thank you both for accommodating all my medical issues throughout the year. It''s been a tough year. And thanks for the advice, support and lots of guidance through the various projects - we are all gobsmacked when we think about where we started out to how much we achieved by the end. So thank you!
I am so pleased I chose KLC over some of the other courses. Despite being online it is really fantastic to have so much interaction and it feels like we are all being pushed creatively.
Lectures from those at the forefront of the industry have really inspired me to think beyond the usual and consider the wider design world The best thing about studying at KLC has been the amount of dedicated tutor time that we receive and peer reviews. The environment is supportive and feedback is specific to your project