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Foundation Degree Interior Design

Course Diary

The Fendi Kitchen showroom.

The manager there welcomed the students with a fantastic talk, discussing projects, price points, technical drawings and specifying for kitchens. The students loved it!

Inspirational Visit to Southbank

These images above (provided by Olivia Wright) convey two photography themes 'Reflections' and 'lines and twists'.

Our students are always encouraged to photograph their surroundings. On the visit to Southbank, students were encouraged to develop a montage of similar shapes. This image above, by James Axford, was inspired by circles. What's fascinating is the number of different materials, forms and ways in which circles appear. This pushes our students to look past the obvious and open their minds to alternative ways of thinking.

Richard Weston Talk to FdA Students

The KLC FdA students model Richard Weston liberty scarves following an inspirational afternoon combining material studies to their applications. Richard gave the students a fantastic talk on the various elements of his work and encouraged them to look closely at details for inspiration.

Evolution of Style

One of the most enjoyed element of learning is visiting some of the amazing buildings that London has to offer. The FdA students spent the afternoon, as part of their Evolution of Style module, at the stunning Art Deco Freemasons Hall. The pictures above show a small part of some of the ornate detailing that surrounds the space.  

The Surface Design Show

This eye-catching illusional 3D tiling was found at the Surface Design Show. Our tutors always play an active role in inviting students along to events they think will be of interest and benefit. Shows like these help to introduce students to new and varied materials and suppliers.

Domus Tiles Talk - Future Trends


As designers, we will often work on projects that wont be launched for a number of years, especially relevant in the case of new residential developments. It is therefore crucial for students to develop an understanding of trends- the factors that lead to their emergence and what trends of the future might be. Full time FdA students attended a fascinating talk by Domus Tiles looking at future tile trends.

Inspiration at the newly opened Design Museum.

The students attended two exhibitions at the Design Museum. The first, 'Fear and Love', addressed our relationship with design through 11 different installations. Design has developed so much in recent years that we are affected in ways that inspire both love and fear. This exhibition pushed students to question what design means to them as well as consider different issues the world faces. The second exhibition called Designer Maker User is a permanent display at the museum. This exhibition considers the three key roles in the design process and how they have evolved.

Porta Romana and John Cullen lighting


Students attended brilliant talks at both Porto Romana and John Cullen lighting, where students began to understand in more detail the impact lighting has on design. A particularly useful resource is the John Cullen Showroom, as students are able to see how different lighting can completely alter a space and how we feel as a result.

Kensington Roof Gardens:

The FdA students celebrate the end of term in style at the hidden delight of Kensington Roof Gardens. At the end of each term we like to introduce students to a part of London they may not have experienced before and make it into a celebration of everything they've achieved that term.

 Carnaby Street Activities

We were very happy to welcome back Onsite Foundation Degree students for their third term. To ease them in, we decided the week’s theme would be Graphics. Our students headed to lively Carnaby Street, and immersed themselves in graphics, branding and retail merchandising. A huge thank you to Estee Lauder staff for allowing students in their new flagship store to study design details and technology.


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