Below you will find the course fees for our online courses.

  • A monthly payment plan for online Certificate course can be seen at the bottom of the page
  • Please note that VAT will be charged at the rate in force at the date payments are made which may increase the total fees quoted if the VAT rate changes

 All prices include VAT.

Certificate Interior Design £2,145.00
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The course fee for the online Certificate course includes all the study materials, project and assignment work, VAT and all distance learning tuition, including the telephone helpline, e–mail advice and assessment of course work.

However, students should make allowance for the following:-

  • Equipment and drawing materials
  • Books for further reading
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Postage costs for both sending work in to the college and receiving the work back again (for Diploma courses only)
  • Membership to various affiliations (eg BIID, RHS etc)
  • Visits to exhibitions, museums, trade shows, historic houses and gardens
  • KLC Workshops (optional)
  • KLC One to One Tutorials (optional)

Monthly Payment Plan Option

Below is a table showing the breakdown of course fees according to our monthly payment plan option. Please note that this payment facility is only available to students with a UK bank account (inc. Northern Ireland).

  1st payment due now Further monthly payments Total
Instalments Amount
Certificate Interior Design £175.00 18 £115.00 £2,245.00

The total course fee includes a small additional charge to cover administration costs for using this facility.