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The Interior Design Course - Level 1 (Online)

Learn the essential elements of designing for residential interiors at your own pace, online and in your own time.

This online version of KLC’s introductory interior design course focuses on the fundamentals of designing for residential interiors, covering subjects such as the design process, colour, using fabrics and trimmings, lighting, space planning to scale, soft furnishings, developing a concept, sourcing, sample boards and managing a residential project. The course culminates in producing a professional quality concept board and sample board for a room in your own home or for a KLC-provided client.

Concept Boards:


Presentation Boards:


The course is accessed via ‘My KLC’ – our state-of-the-art online learning environment – in 8 engaging and interactive sections.  Online students follow the same syllabus as their full-time and part-time peers on The Interior Design Course - Level 1, streaming video lectures punctuated by short exercises, and with other notes and materials available to download. 


During working hours tutor support is available via KLC’s Open Learning helpline.  On completion of the course you can submit your formal coursework (a concept and sample board) via an online link to KLC in order to receive tutor feedback on your proposals. 

As part of this course you can choose to work through a theoretical project, alternatively you can apply coursework to your own private project and watch this develop into a thoughtful and creative design solution for a reception room or bedroom to apply in the real world.

Topics covered

  • The design process
  • Colour for interiors
  • Developing a design concept
  • Textiles, trimmings and soft furnishings
  • Developing a scheme and sourcing
  • Planning a space to scale
  • Lighting
  • Creating a sample board.

 Course outcomes

  • Learn about fundamental areas of interior design and decoration
  • Develop ideas and skills for personal design projects and build the confidence to tackle your own projects
  • Feel inspired to explore design and experiment creatively
  • Enhance your graphic and presentation skills
  • Understand the many different considerations interwoven as part of a design project
  • Learn quick and efficient ways to achieve professional design outcomes
  • Resolve the design of a room in your home, or in the home of a friend of relative
  • Act as a stepping stone to further interior design training.

Access the course materials from any device

KLC’s online learning environment is easy to access via a fast broadband or 4G connection.  Most materials can be viewed on smartphones and tablets, however you will need access to a desktop or laptop computer in order to complete coursework. 


Digital skills requirement advice

To benefit from this mode of study, particularly if you would like feedback on your final submission, you will need good digital skills including the ability to:

  • Follow simple instructions to access and use our online systems
  • Create folders and save different file types within them
  • View PDF files, and work with Microsoft Office files and image files
  • Edit and resize image files, and upload and download these
  • Stream video, pausing, starting and stopping materials
  • Search online and work with multiple browser tabs
  • Work with your own software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop, or InDesign (or equivalents) in order to create collages of images and annotate these using text tools.

What materials do I need to complete this course? 

An explanation of the materials that you need for the course and instructional videos on their use are all included in the online course materials once you have enrolled, these are: ·

  • 1 x large scrapbook (A4 minimum) & paper
  • Pencil, ruler, eraser, black fine liner ink pen, scissors 
  • Coloured pencils or paint in yellow, blue, and red (plus brushes if using paint)
  • Yellow coloured pencil or highlighter
  • Blue tack (you could use a small amount of double-sided tape instead) 
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tape measure
  • x 1 sheet A2 mount board or foam board
  • Fabric and paint samples, etc. 
  • Cutting mat, safety ruler, scalpel and blades, scale ruler
  • Spray mount, glue, sticky Velcro.

You could manage the course without buying the materials shown in italics however they will allow you to achieve a more professional standard. 

NOTE: We will provide a photo of a scale ruler in the planning section of the course, this should allow you to take approximate measurements and avoid buying a scale ruler, if you won’t have a need for this in the future. 

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  • Submit your formal coursework and receive tutor feedback
  • Access the course materials from any device
  • State-of-the-art online learning environment
  • Practical and engaging introduction to residential interior design
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  • Certificate of completion
  • Must be completed within 1 year
  • For complete beginners
  • Approximately 30 hours study at a time and pace that suits you
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