Vectorworks Intermediate

Vectorworks Intermediate

This CV enhancing and engaging 3 day course will help develop your basic Vectorworks CAD into more sophisticated use of 2D sheet layout techniques and then into the exciting realms of 3D visualisation using both Vectorworks' built-in tools and resources available online.

Following on from the Beginners Vectorworks programme, this course builds skills to the next level. With a particular focus upon using 3D tools, you will extend your knowledge of Vectorworks to draw and visualise interior spaces and elements. It courses also introduces the importing of PDF and DWG formats as well as the use of Vectorworks Viewports and Sheet Layers.

Day 1: 2D layout techniques

  • Using Design Layers when Importing PDF files
  • Using Vectorworks Walls, Windows & Door tools
  • Creating & using Classes – inc. naming tips
  • Drawing up a room plan
  • Importing DWG plans & resources
  • Creating & using  Sheet Layers
  • Working with Viewports – annotating & adding dimensions
  • Adding & using Sheet Borders & Title Blocks
  • Converting to (single) PDFs

Day 2: 3D Modelling

  • Creating 3D objects – various methods
  • Navigating in 3D and render options
  • Converting the 2D room plan into 3D
  • Adding your own 3D objects to the room
  • Resource Browser part 1 - using 3D Symbols & Plug-in objects  from Vectorworks Libraries (inc. adding as Favourite Files)
  • Setting & saving overall 3D views (both orthogonal & perspective)

Day 3: Visualisation

  • Adding textures to 3D objects (Vectorworks Libraries)
  • Creating your own Texture(s)
  • Lighting options for  a room
  • Using the Camera Tool & Saving 3D eye level views
  • Working with multiple 3D views on Sheet Layers using Viewports
  • Cutting sections through a 3D model & adding dimensions
  • Resource Browser part 2 – creating your own library location of favourite Symbols & Resources
  • Working with multiple Viewports/Sheet Layers at various scales/paper sizes
  • Batch converting to PDF, sharing files & printing

Refreshments and a delicious light lunch will be provided on the first day of the course. All computer aided design courses are taught on PC computers.

  • 15 - 17 April 201915 April 2019 10.00am 17 April 2019 4.00pm
  • Three days
  • Suitable for those who have also attended the Vectorworks beginner's course.
  • 10.00am - 4.00pm
  • Chelsea Harbour, 503 Design Centre East, Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XF+44 (0)20 7376 3377

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