Study Methods Available

KLC is committed to providing a variety training methods to ensure that the courses are as accessible as possible to all students.

Consequently, KLC offers unrivalled flexibility in the study options that are available.

KLC has become renowned as a field leader in online learning, so whether you are coming in to study in the inspirational surroundings of Chelsea Harbour Design Centre or Hampton Court Palace or choosing to study from home with an online course, you can be assured of close tutor supervision, stimulating interaction with other students and a highly enjoyable learning experience!

The different study methods are outlined below, but please do not hesitate to contact our Course Advisors if you need any guidance as to which option would be best for you.

Full Time

Intensive training held on-site that requires a full time commitment from students.  These courses are the most direct route to a professional qualification and allow students to fully immerse themselves in their training. 

Part Time

Regular training held on-site, but with only one or two days per week.  Although additional work is usually required outside these hours, the part time courses are ideal for anybody with other work or family commitments.

Short Courses

KLC offers a range of short courses on-site from one day to one week.  These include inspirational introductory courses, workshops in support of online studies and continuing professional development courses for working designers.

Open Learning

This study method offers complete flexibility. You work entirely at your own pace in your own home - you just need to complete the course within the generous time allowance of the 5 year registration period. All teaching is delivered online and instructions are clear and simple to follow. KLC has developed a unique support system to ensure that online learning is interactive and engaging.

Online Structured

This is the same as Online Flexi Study in that it allows you the flexibility of working entirely from wherever you choose, but provides the structure of a timetabled course with fixed dates for project submissions.  This synchronous study enables students to work together within a class, encouraging participation and socialisation.

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