From Oranges to Acres

Friday 27 January, 2012 at 15:46

What began as a collaboration between a KLC tutor and a KLC graduate on a simple orangery soon grew to become a 75 acre park project. Karena Bouri invited Peter Bonney to collaborate on an Orangery for a client in Kent. The project grew to include the indoor swimming pool, rear terrace to the house and also the house plants. However it didn’t stop there!  Peter now has 75 acres of very beautiful parkland to work on. According to Peter 50 acres are looking pretty good but need lots of additional rejuvenation planting and recreation of vistas, whilst the other 25 acres need a lot of work. As part of the project Peter proposed a 1.5 mile long serpentine path for walking and biking around the perimeter of the park.


“This sort of work is right up my street, getting down and dirty so to speak“ said Peter. “It’s good to get mud on my boots and dirt under the finger nails - keeps me fit and gets fresh air into my lungs. By the time this gets finished I'll be 75!”

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