Inspiring Japanese Interior Design

Friday 21 September, 2012 at 07:00

We are delighted to have students from Machida Academy in Japan join us for a week of British Design inspiration.

Overseas links are important to KLC and we are very proud to be affiliated with Machida Academy. Machida Academy has its headquarters in Tokyo with several branches around Japan where indigenous skills and crafts are taught in addition to the fundamental design skills. The management are supporting a strong move in Japan to raise the profile of the interior designer and this Master Class, which is intended for working professionals and Machida graduates, is part of that programme. 
The course focuses on British eclectic design and contemporary design based upon classic principles, incorporating both interior and garden design. The 35 students also attend events and exhibitions during the London Design Festival and we are privileged that they have been accompanied by the School’s Principal, Hiroko Machida, and her daughter, Mizuho Dorothea Machida.
Left to right: Mizuho Dorothea Machida, Jenny Gibbs, Principal of KLC, Hiroko Machida, Principal of Machida Academy and Will Gibbs, Managing Director of KLC. 

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