Open Learning Students of the Year

Friday 13 July, 2018 at 11:00

We are excited to announce the 2018 Student of the Year Awards for the Open Learning courses. Their final submission was judged by a Selection Committee comprising of Jenny Gibbs - KLC Principal, Will Gibbs - KLC Managing Director, Diana McKnight - KLC Director of Studies and Jules Begbie - KLC Development Director.

Michelle Harris has been announced as the Student of the Year for Open Learning Diploma in Interior Design.

Michelle was previously working as a Primary teacher and Designer Maker. When asked about her reasons for studying with KLC, she said, “KLC has an excellent reputation, and so its courses are valued in the industry. I chose the Open Learning version for its affordability; its flexible structure also meant I could fit it around work.”

Her advice for online students would be, “Plan, plan, plan!!! I created yearly overviews; quarterly; monthly; weekly; daily plans!!! This meant that when I knew I had a three hour / 20min window, I knew exactly what coursework I could do in that time!”

Pictured below is Michelle’s Diploma Work:  




“I thought that the quality of Michelle’s visuals, rendering and presentation boards were immediately appealing. Her planning seemed overall of a good standard, her colour palette’s are lovely and there is overall something very individual and stylish about her submissions.” – Jenny Gibbs, KLC Principal

KLC would like to thank beautiful hand-crafted metal furniture specialist Blackbird London for their kind sponsorship of the prize for the winning student.

The winner of the Open Learning Student of the Year for Diploma Garden Design is Francis Harte.

Francis is a musician from Southampton who studied in London at Trinity College of Music and the Royal College of Music. When asked about his reasons for studying with KLC, he shared the following, “It seemed to offer all that I was looking for and I knew that it was a very highly regarded place to learn. It has been brilliant for its flexibility - I have taken a very long time as I have become even busier than I was when I began the course so, thank goodness, there weren’t deadlines”

Pictured below are examples of Francis Harte’s work:



“Francis seems to have fully resolved his design and included an exceptional amount of detail. I liked the way too he had worked effectively with existing trees both within and around the site.” – Jenny Gibbs, KLC Principal

A big thank you to the UK's premier online nursery and gardening website Crocus who has ever so kindly sponsored the winning garden student prize.


Congratulations to our runner-ups Amber Ryder-Morris (OL Diploma Interior Design) and Dorota Kosztyla (OL Diploma Garden Design). The work produced is of a very high standard and their efforts do not go unrecognised.