Alumnus launches 'Designs Direct'

2 months ago on Monday 22 October, 2018

 Interior Designer and Founder of Designs Direct, Cindy Fuller.

KLC Alumnus, Cindy Fuller is on a mission to transform the world of interior design by creating a service that is accessible to the masses. Cindy created her own business called Designs Direct which offers the expertise of interior designers for 80% less of the traditional cost. This has been made possible by the designers sourcing from not only their own contacts but from high street and online stores. Whether you are looking for modern minimalism or vintage design, there’s something for everyone and every budget.

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During her career beginnings in LA as personal assistant to Sylvester Stallone, Cindy was exposed to the finest of arts and style. Stallone’s lesser known talent as an artist provided an opportunity for Cindy to develop her passion for art and design as she worked alongside him at art exhibitions.

A few years later, Cindy returned to the UK when she had her son and found that she was always drawn to property and design projects. With a rich family heritage in property, home and design, Cindy decided to follow her roots and make her passion her profession. She began her studies at KLC on the Certificate Interior Design course to further nurture her talent.

Upon graduating in 2006, Cindy soon saw there was a huge appetite for her service in her social circle and gained invaluable experience through offering many friends her expertise and advice. It quickly became apparent that many needed guidance on home style but not everyone had the budget required, the idea of Designs Direct was born.

Cindy became an expert in providing all the luxuries gained from having access to an interior designer but on a budget. Much like fashion in homes and interiors there are designer goods and inevitably, imitation brands inspired by designers at a much lower price. Cindy became skilled in knowing all the tips and tricks required to source high street products that look like they have been sourced from high end stores.

Designs Direct was still on her mind, so she ran the idea by KLC Principal, Jenny Gibbs. Following her positive response, Cindy knew there was a certain gap in the market and took the plunge to make the platform happen. After great efforts and extensive market research to really understand the needs of the consumer, Designs Direct is launching in September 2018.

See Designs Direct Before & After below:

The service streamlines the interior design process, delivering the same service benefits at a fraction of the price and it’s conveniently accessible from the comfort of your own home. Simply log on to the website, choose your preferred package and interior designer and fill in a short questionnaire. Your personal designer will not only be tasked with improving your home, they are there to help you through every stage of your design. Whether you are a family, retiree, student or first time buyer, Designs Direct has an affordable package and expert on hand!

KLC would like to wish Cindy and Designs Direct the greatest success.

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