Short Courses: Career Focussed

KLC offers a series of one to three day courses, which can be a hugely beneficial support for students studying offsite, providing an opportunity to attend additional workshops. These can be helpful to fast track learning in some subject areas, undertake more daunting technical subject matter or simply have the opportunity to network.

Equally these courses are suitable for designers wishing to further develop their skills, enhance their CV’s, keep up-to-date with technology and regulations and keep a competitive edge.


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Kickstart your Interior Design Studies
To help students get started on their Open Learning Diploma Interior Design projects
18 Jul 2017
Introduction to Freehand Drawing
To gain an understanding of how to approach freehand sketching and to build confidence
21 Jul 2017
Colour Rendering
To understand the principles of colour rendering
6 Apr 2018
Creativity and Concepts
To find ways to access creativity successfully and work with concepts
12 Apr 2018
Lighting Workshop
To understand the basic principles of lighting design. Developing a lighting scheme into a detailed lighting plan
17 - 18 Jul 2017
Planning Spaces
To give students an understanding of the basic guiding principles of Interior Design relating to the planning and function of the space, and exploring the suitability for the people who will use it
5 - 6 Apr 2018
Sample Boards
Learn how to put together professional sample and furniture boards
3 Nov 2017
Experience Life at KLC
A one day workshop for those considering starting an onsite qualification course at KLC School of Design.
16 Jun 2017
Interior Design - The Degree Experience
What is it really like to be an interior design undergraduate? Find out on this immersive and creative one-day workshop!
24 Jul 2017
Introduction to Technical Drawing
To gain a thorough understanding of the basic principles of technical drawing
24 Nov 2017
KLC Preparatory Course
Preparation for either the Level 6 BA (Hons) or the Level 5 Diploma Interior Design courses, for non-degree holding students
Virtual Work Experience
Build confidence and familiarise yourself with real world practices.
Interior Design Bootcamp
As part of this face-paced, fully-immersive learning experience you will collaborate on an original design concept, practice alongside experts, and learn all about hospitality design.
17 - 21 Jul 2017

Business Skills for Designers

Setting up a Design Practice
This course will set out the research and organisation required to set up a design practice, as well as the professionals and authorities who will assist in this field
15 Sep 2017
Running a Profitable Design Business
To set out practical advice on how to plan and organise the daily running of a studio, and how to ensure that the business thrives and develops
22 Sep 2017
Effective Project Co-ordination
To provide an overview of the practicalities of managing and methods of communication required to co-ordinate a small project successfully
29 Sep 2017

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

AutoCAD Essentials
A three day course to introduce students to this powerful programme and familiarise them with its use.
30 Aug - 1 Sep 2017
Vectorworks Beginners
A three day course to introduce students to the Vectorworks programme
6 - 8 Sep 2017
Vectorworks Intermediate
Develop your basic Vectorworks skills into a more sophisticated use of 2D techniques and then on into the exciting realms of 3D visualisation.
17 - 19 Jul 2017
An immersive two day course to teach students the core tools of the SketchUp programme.
26 - 27 Jun 2017