KLC School of Design

The Corporate Board is the primary governing body of the school.  It is collectively responsible and accountable for overseeing all the institution’s activities, determining its future direction and fostering an environment in which KLC’s mission is achieved and the potential of all students maximised.

The Corporate Board is informed and supported by the Executive Board and the Academic Board.

  • The Executive Board is the senior management board responsible for supporting and enhancing the planning and operations of the organisation and safeguarding the continued financial sustainability of KLC, including risk management and ensuring value for money for students.

  • The Academic Board is the academic authority of KLC and guardian of academic integrity and quality of all education courses.  It is accountable for the development, management, oversight, monitoring and quality of all courses across KLC. 

These boards undertake their remit with support from the following:-

  • Senior Management Committee
  • Remuneration & Staff Development Committee
  • Course Leaders Committee
  • Academic, Operations, Careers and Welfare Committee
  • Student Representative Meetings
  • Alumni Advisory Board

KLC recognises the value that students bring to all levels of governance and the student body is represented at the termly Academic Board Meetings by a Student Board Representative.   

In addition, there is a pro-active Alumni Advisory Board whose membership includes graduates from a cross-section of courses and includes very recent graduates as well as those who have been working in the industry for some time.  This Board offers suggestions for improvements and enhancements, as well as providing valuable feedback on current trends and practices in the industry.