KLC and West Dean College

KLC School of Design has merged with West Dean College of Arts & Conservation on 31 July 2021 and is now governed by the Board of Trustees of The Edward James Foundation

The long established West Dean College of Arts & Conservation is based in the stunning South Downs and has an idyllic Grade II listed rural campus.  West Dean College has an international profile as a centre of excellence for conservation and arts education and champions traditional art and craft practices, as well as advancing the care of heritage.  The College shares the same values, ethos and family feel as KLC and, like us, put great emphasis on discovering and developing creative talent. 

KLC continues to run its courses at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in the same way as it previously has.  However, longer term the two campuses will offer staff and students unprecedented opportunities for exchange and crossover, allowing them to enjoy the best of both a vibrant city setting and an inspirational countryside retreat.  Students will also be offered greater choice in their studies going forward, with a wider range of courses in complementary subjects.  The focus will remain firmly on fostering creative excellence and innovation, providing the ideal setting for students to acquire and apply the skills needed for successful careers in the arts, conservation and design industries.

We believe that bringing together our two renowned and respected organisations is an incredible opportunity.  Combining our strengths, we are in a better position to meet the fast-changing needs of students, the industries we serve and the rapidly changing world beyond.

This is the start of an exciting new era for creative education!