KLC School of Design was founded in 1982 by Principal, Jenny Gibbs. KLC was designed to provide training for aspiring Interior Designers to meet the demands of the design industry.

With almost 40 years' experience, our school has built up an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally for quality design education with a focus on preparing students for direct employment in the industry once they graduate.

KLC was founded on the three core values of innovation, creativity and integrity. The school has grown and developed over the past three and a half decades but the core values remain and have been infused into every aspect of our teaching and business practices.

Academic Team

The KLC Lecturers and tutors are at the heart of our student experience and feedback particularly highlights the professional, friendly approach of the loyal and dedicated staff.

All KLC in-house academic staff are professional designers, who have had training in teaching and learning methods or have gained a PG Certificate in Higher Education. The in-house team is supported by contributions from visiting industry experts and guest lecturers. It is this relevant, practical involvement with industry that informs, underpins and invigorates the teaching provided.

KLC's has a close, reciprocal relationship with industry. Our industry partners advise us on course content, work with us on mutually beneficial student projects and provide internship and employment opportunities for our students and graduates. 

Invaluable day to day support from our in house tutors provides cohesion for the course overall and personalised supervision is ensured with a low student to tutor ratio. Our lecturers genuinely care about students succeeding and Student Welfare services are available for anyone experiencing any particular difficulties during their time with us.

Here at KLC, we recognise our staff are our greatest asset and are committed to building a positive team and a supportive school environment.

We want our students to be able to hit the ground running on graduation, which is why our courses and tutors deliver hands-on preparation for the real world of design. Whichever course you take, we strive to offer live projects with real clients wherever possible – taking students out of the classroom and into the industry from early on in their learning experience.

Student Support Services


The Operations team ensure the smooth running of the school on a day-to-day basis. They work as the front of house team, as well as behind the scenes, to ensure that each student, not to mention all visitors and staff, has the best possible experience.

The Operations team are responsible for the scheduling of all onsite courses: working on timetables and booking specialist lecturers and tutors, so that our courses always have the latest industry experts. The Operations team work closely with all departments and students at KLC, and are most often found popping in and out of studios or offices, ensuring everything runs effortlessly.


KLC offers a unique and proactive Careers Department, which is an integral part of the student services we provide. They are well connected within the interior design industry, having built strong relationships with employers and design recruiters over the years. The end goal for all our graduates is to secure work in the industry and the Careers Department actively assist with that wherever possible.


Pastoral care and student support are provided by KLC's Student Welfare Team who provide a 1-2-1 service which is much appreciated by KLC students as evidenced by their positive student satisfaction feedback. At KLC students are never a number and all proactively supported.


Admissions Team

Our Admissions team represents KLC by being the first point of contact for prospective students. The team is able to communicate all that KLC School of Design has to offer. Course advising on a daily basis ensures future students find the course best suited to them to attain their goals.

All enquiries we receive from school leavers to career changers are dealt with by Admissions to evaluate the best course entry level and delivery to meet their learning needs and provide all the necessary information that is required for them to make an informed decision. Open Days, Interviews and School Tours will all be arranged by Admissions. Call 020 7376 3377 or email to get in touch.

KLC has a Financial Team that ensures all fee payments, course enrolments and processes take place in a safe and efficient manner. Our Financial Team is able to discuss the fees and funding of our courses as well as VISA options for our international students.

Our accountants are responsible for the preparation of the year-end accounts and helping to implement internal systems for cost efficient operations.

HR Resources and IT

Our HR Team is concerned with the issues of managing academic and support staff at KLC School of Design to fully resource the student learning journey. HR continues to recruit suitable candidates for the organisation and ensures the training needs of existing staff are met to keep current with latest innovations in technology and practice.

HR also oversees employee welfare and ensure all employee relations are positive.

Our IT Team monitors and maintains the computer systems as well as the networks within KLC. Our student portal access is kept up to date and working efficiently to help underpin the student learning experience. KLC is constantly developing user friendly solutions for our current and future students. Our IT Team is keeping KLC at the cutting edge of education technology.

Interior Design

Course Leaders

Full time BA (Hons) Rachael White, Head of Level 6 Sam Butterfield

Online BA (Hons)
Marianna Velissaropoulou, Head of Level 6 Audrey Bardwell

Ruth Casserly

Ally Wates

In-house tutors:

Maddy Allen
Natalie Arnold
Fiona Bell
Sarah Berry
Kirstie Brown
Nicola Burt
Irma Casabayo
Rebecca Connolly
Adrienne Chinn
Simon Dodsworth
Emily Johnson
Sarah Kenyon
Catherine Laredo
Daniela La Cava
Hitesh Maroo
Nacho Marti
Sarah Mathieson
Kevin McEwen
Samantha Miller
Ina Parker
Becky Partington
Rita Pohoomal
Georgie Postlethwaite
Piers Prideaux
Gerard Puxhe
Jesenka Woodward

External support tutors

Rickey Batra
Kate Barlow
Lisa Bradburn
Stephanie Butcher
Mavis Chow
Gianfresco de Falco
Marit Hanley
Tom Hughes
Najwa Mroue
Julia Ottoway
Ulla Puggaard
Jelena Radelj
Jane Ranson
Lorenzo Russo
Laura Sabogal
Zerin Safa
Francesco Savini
Craig Schonbon, Revit
Malou Savelkoul
Francesco Savini
Nicola Squiccimarro
Yue Zhen Ho

Expert and inspirational speakers

Javier Garcia-Alvorriz
Sophie Ashby
James Balston, James Balston Photography
Paul Barton, EE Stairs
Dominic Benoist, Construction
Stefania Ballero, Walters & Cohen Architects
Anna Burles, Run for the Hills
Federica Capitani
Tom Carey
Ray Cheung
Alice Constable-Maxwell
Matt Delegate, Keech Design
Delta Lighting
Evey Dunbavin Hands
Olofur Eliasson, Tate Modern
Cat Fox
Francesca Herrick, Evolution of Styles
Gabriella Herrick, Building Regulations
Suzy Hoodless
Julie Godefroy, Sustainability
Vin Goodwin, Accessibility
Zoe Head, Wedi Systems
Karen Howes, Taylor Howes
Brennan Jacoby
Rita Konig
Andrew Krisson
Brennan Jacoby, Philosophy
Ethan Maynard, Joiner
Nacho Marti
Shelagh McLeod
Nikita Mikhailov, Lumina Spark
Kate Mitchell, Timorous Beasties
Tim Mutton, Black Sheep
Guy Oliver, Oliver Laws Designs
Tim Page, Tim Page Carpets and Flooring
Andrew Pullman
Phil Robinson, Paint the Town Green
Libby Rose
Paul Ruddick, QS and Project Manager
Susie Rumbold, Tessuto Design
Richard Snook, Domus Tiles
Ann Stephens
Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball
Sue Timney
Genevieve Trickett, George Smith
Olga Vysotska, Spark
Rebecca Weir, Light IQ
Sue Whimster, Sue Whimster Curtains and Blinds
Anna Whitehead, Sustainability
Polly Williams, Camberyard
Judith Wilson
Nora Yousif, Kitchen Design
Shalini Misra, Global, high-end interior designer
Annabelle Filer, Tensei

Garden Design

Course Leader Diploma Humaira Ikram

In-house tutors

Head Tutor Diploma Patrick Clarke
Paul Dracott
Eleonora di Martino
Debbie Trentham
External support tutors
Laura Behr
Abbie Fitzpatrick
Saskia Gretton-Kewley
Jeremy Hemingray
David Kurita May
Philippa McKee
Hannah Oakden
Katarina Ollikainen
Clare Shaw
Naomi Slade
Sarah Tolley
Ivan Tucker

Expert and inspirational speakers

Marie Louise Agius
Jamie Butterworth
Matt Childs
Marina Christopher
Nick Dexter
Duncan Goodman
David del Greco
Giacoma Guzzon
Adolpho Harrison
Laura Hathaway
Matt Keightly
Dan Lobb
Andrew Lord
Ula Mario
Georgia Miles
Darryn Moore
Damian Newman
Tim O’Hare
Marc O’Neill
Tim Richardson
Amanda Rutkowski
Thea Thompson
Paul Trayner, Light Bureau
Rosie Yeomans
Lorna Walker