Strategic Aims

Our Mission Statement

KLC aims to provide inspirational, career-focused education in interior and garden design in the context of a new and broader way of thinking about the real value of design. We advocate the potential of a 'design can do anything' approach, where design skills can be applied to larger issues and social problems to change lives and help companies to innovate and out-perform competitors.

We encourage collaboration, enterprise and an entrepreneurial approach, and an understanding of human responses. With a view to future proofing career opportunities for our graduates, students are motivated to embrace complexity and ambiguity and challenge assumptions, to see not just what is but what might be.

Opportunities for students to work closely with the wider community and contributions on closely related topics such as art, architecture, psychology and philosophy are included in our programmes wherever possible. We make every effort to provide a highly supportive environment for students and staff. We put our students at the heart of everything we do, providing equal opportunities for all to develop their individual potential and make the successful transition from course to workplace. Courage, integrity and accountability are the keystones of the culture of the school.

Our Strategy

  • To closely monitor the quality of the student experience, teaching and learning and resources and to continually look for ways these can be enhanced

  • To develop the new KLC Connect initiative, fostering ever stronger links between students and the design community with the support of industry and alumni representatives, and build up relationships with the wider community, particularly through community-based projects (See KLC's Widening Access and Participation Statement)

  • To focus on student learning outcomes, graduate employability and to enhance the KLC provision of careers support nationally and internationally

  • To ensure that course programme content and outcomes are up to date with the latest trends and design practice, to research new areas of development and provide innovation in delivery

  • To make support and development opportunities for staff a priority

  • To ensure that the educational business model is sustainable while maintaining the quality of the provision and support services and providing genuine value for money for course fees and student investment of time

  • To look for ways of providing affordable, flexible study routes to increase access and participation and to support the Design Changes Lives Foundation in its activities

  • To further expand student recruitment and increase the ratio of international students with diverse cultural influences studying at the School

  • To ensure that the School maximises and continues to capitalise on the added value offered as distinct from other independent and university courses: location, industry contacts, careers service, quality and volume of teaching, and exceptionally high levels of student support.