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One of KLC’s most popular interior design courses now offers flexible learning opportunities – and more affordable course fees!

The Full Time Diploma Higher Education at KLC is a one-year course of intensive training for those looking to enter the world of interior design.

The course is an all-time favourite among career changers. It is designed to challenge and inspire students as they work through a number of residential and commercial projects.

For several years, the Full Time Interior Design Diploma has been offering students the opportunity to develop a set of professional and creative skills, necessary to gain employment within the interior design industry.

What’s new?

At KLC, we always strive for improvement. Our courses constantly evolve, based on our students’ feedback.

We have therefore updated the current Full Time Diploma. It will remain the same, five days a week, intensive, transformative experience it is now. It will maintain the exact same curriculum, content and outcomes. The only difference is that students will be onsite, in studio at KLC, three days a week and two days offsite for directed study

This latest development comes with a considerable price reduction – which makes this course more affordable while maintaining the high quality of its content and the excellent support from the course tutors.

Full time diploma students will be required to attend KLC studios on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, from 10am until 4pm. Wednesdays and Thursdays will be designated to tutor- directed and supported study offsite. It will be just like working from home!

This is all underpinned thanks to our innovative digital teaching and learning platform. This is known as our VLE (Visual Learning Environment) where students can access all lectures and course material online, at all times. There is also a peer-to-peer forum supported by tutors for further guidance while working remotely.


Half a dozen students working hard on laptops

What to expect from the Full Time Diploma Course

The Diploma HE at KLC is designed to give you a real taste of what it will be like working in an interior design studio. This includes working alongside fellow students, attending showroom visits, sourcing fabrics and materials and, from now, also the experience of working from home. This has become increasingly relevant, as employers place a great deal of importance on work-life balance.

KLC students leave with a broad and industry-ready knowledge of interior design. The skills acquired during the course offer a great degree of versatility, which makes graduates highly desirable within the industry.

The fee reduction of the Diploma makes this course a more accessible option. We are delighted to be able to widen participation and make this course a more viable proposition for those looking at the world with an eye to change.

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