Studying the Certificate Residential course at KLC with Roxana Shafiee


Name:  Roxana Shafiee
Course:  Certificate Interior Design

You have successfully reached the end of your course, how are you feeling?

It was an incredible experience for me personally, not only was I more interactive than ever, I had a very professional, experience and empathetic tutor. It was also a great sense of achievement to get through the year as I was the class affected by Covid-19. The support was there between peers and tutors. I got through a very difficult time and finished with flying colours. 

How has your time at KLC developed your creativity and design skills?

I am so much more confident and I have all the tools to take me forward into the world of Interior Design. I came from a very experienced background but my confidence was knocked after my motorbike accident. There were other elements of Residential Interior Design that I wanted to develop – KLC did that through their informed syllabus.

How did the Bursary make a difference to your time at KLC?

I met great people, great contacts, I lived Interior Design 24/7 in a new and colourful way. I am so grateful that this bursary was given to me as my freelance work was scarce and finances were extremely tight. I would not have been able to do it without this award.

Did the COVID pandemic effect your studies and did you feel supported?

Yes, mainly and only through my group who continued to finish the year. We all became closer during this difficult time and our tutors were super. Thank you.

What do you hope to do now / what are that you have completed your studies at KLC?

I did some freelancing for residential refurbs with Interior Design and now, I am Interior Designer managing a small studio for Neptune.

As a recent KLC graduate, do you feel ready to step out and embrace your new prospects?

Of course – it did take several months to throw myself into the world after a whirlwind year due to Covid… I got there in the end and I am very happy with where I am now. I do feel incredibly lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity, thank you the awards I received to get started at KLC as well as the ones when I graduated.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to study interior design at KLC?

I would say, if it’s your passion, if it’s a potential career path – go for it and don’t back and don’t look anywhere else! Because, studying at KLC you are guided from the start, encouraged and praised throughout your time there. The PT courses also allowed me to do some private work and inform both my KLC projects and private projects as my knowledge of these new elements increased.