Diploma Alumni nominated for 'Best Villa in Bali' - 2019 YAK Magazine Awards


KLC would like to congratulate Dandy Diwangkara (Diploma HE Alumni 2010-2011) who designed and built a gorgeous villa in Bali that has been nominated for ‘Best Villa in Bali’ by YAK Magazine  (South East Asian Luxury magazine).

This luxury villa ‘Dharma Oasis’  has been set in the midst of nature and away from the crowds, it is the perfect location for anyone seeking the authentic Bali and experiencing its magic.

Please show your support and vote for Dandy’s Dharma Oasis in the 2019 YAK Magazine Awards here! 

The property has three bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms are in the main house. At the end of the site is our bamboo house which is furnished with a magnificent hand carved king-size double bed. Dandy has incorporated an eclectic collection of artworks to stimulate your senses.

A selection of images of the villa can be seen below;



Congratulations to Dandy for creating this beautiful, award-winning villa in Bali.

Instagram @dharmaoasis



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