Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter Hashtag

The University of Brighton, our partner University, published the following statement on their website.  KLC stands completely by this message and is committed to eradicating racism with a zero tolerance of any form of discrimination. 

Joint statement on racism by the University Executive Board and Race Equality Steering Group at the University of Brighton.

 4 June 2020

The appalling treatment and murder of George Floyd in the USA is the latest in a long line of incidents across the world, including here in the UK, that serve to highlight the corrosive impacts of racism and racial inequality on society in dividing, marginalising and isolating communities and individuals.

We recognise that racism and discrimination have long-lasting direct and indirect effects, and have a traumatising impact on our students and staff of colour, and in this particular instance black communities. As an institution committed to inclusion through our organisational values we stand wholeheartedly by our staff and students in deploring racism within our university, within the UK and internationally.

Whilst our university is a welcoming, respectful and tolerant community we want to create an environment which consistently challenges and addresses racism within and beyond our institution. Our work in developing our Race Equality Charter action plan has started and shows us there are many more actions we must take.

We recognise that we must do more to raise the voices of black students and staff, and address racial inequalities wherever they exist in the university.

Professor Debra Humphris