Keeping KLC Connected: Industry Inspiration


At KLC, business will continue as normal with courses delivered online through our award-winning virtual learning environment and interviews are taking place for onsite courses starting this September.

The website and social media will develop as a resource for inspiration and positivity, so please keep returning for news, blogs and brand new online short courses. 

We also want to keep you motivated and inspired and therefore will be sharing advice, inspiration and business advice from industry professionals. A number of inspiring professionals have shared advice thus far;

Taylor Howes Designs:

'Taylor Howes has always been known for championing Great British craft and now, more than ever, we want to profile some of the small in size but not in talent, artisans, craftspeople and suppliers who we work with, who with little spotlight and small followings face the potential to slip away during this time. We encourage those in our industry with big followings to do the same.
Follow the link in their instagram bio and website or direct message them to find out more.'

Grant Pierrus:

Grant Pierrus is the man behind London-based interiors blog, Interior Style Hunter. Grant is a trained Interior Designer and Interior Stylist. Grant also owns Pierrus Agency, that builds world class luxury brands in the interior design industry.

“I'm very happy to share what we're doing. In my Facebook group for interior designers where we have almost 500 members, I've called on top specialists I know to do live webinars to help people with this situation. Yesterday we had a Wellbeing specialist talk about mental health and today I have a communication specialist talking about how to communicate effectively while working virtually. I plan to do many more, and designers and students are welcome to join by going here https://www.facebook.com/groups/pierrusbusinessclub/. The group is free and so are the webinars, it's a very supportive community and has been for a couple of years now.“

Philosophy At Work: Dr Brennan Jacoby

Dr Brennan Jacoby is a philosopher and the founder of Philosophy at Work. He helps businesses and their people think their best so they can do their best. Here is what he has to say:

"Why Right Now Doers Need To Be Thinkers..

In times like these, our impulse is to act. But while speed is an asset during crisis, not just any action will do. Appropriate, even wise, interventions are needed. And here’s the rub: wisdom requires reflection, something which feels completely unnatural in times of crisis.

In the recent days of COVID-19 I’ve had conversation after conversation with clients and friends about strategies that should be taken to navigate this storm. Each of those conversations has had a similar arc. It begins in a state of stress (“What are we going to do!?”), then attempts to fix the matter quickly are boldly asserted (“We’ll crack on as if life is normal!”). But then in each conversation there has come a moment when those involved paused, stepped back, and thought more carefully. We questioned what was really going on, in our businesses as well as in our emotions, and that led us to more appropriate responses. Responses that were no less courageous and no less speedy, but much more measured and well-formed. This, I think, is why we need philosophy right now. Or if ‘philosophy’ sounds too academic or abstract, we can go with ‘reflection’, ‘thoughtfulness’, ‘wisdom’ and ‘tenacity’. In Greek, ‘Philosophy’ simply means the ‘the love of wisdom’.

Right now, as each of us attempts to respond to COVID-19 as best as possible, we need to be bold enough to press pause, check the degree to which our impulses are driving us, and make the most wise and helpful moves we can."

Linkup and follow here:
- Linked In: @Dr_Brennan_Jacoby
- Instagram: philosophy_at_work 

Judith Wilson:

Judith Wilson is a London-based writer of prize-winning short stories, longer fiction and non-fiction. She is also an interiors author, journalist and lecturer. She has published 14 books on style and design: her latest title, Think Home, is out now.

‘Embrace the additional time at home, think of it as a creative bonus. But first, and this is very important, try to streamline your living space.  It’s worth taking small chunks of time to tidy and simplify, even if it means tucking clutter under the bed for the foreseeable future.  A clear home helps settle the mind.  If you’re new to working from home, create a dedicated area, however tiny, and - I know it sounds a cliche, but it works - add one flower head in a glass jar, and a tea-light or candle to burn at the start of your working day.

Honour your work space, make it a happy place to be. If you have additional time - for films or books - read and watch with design purpose.  Actively consume period films for vintage interior design inspiration, or bone up on classic interior designers or flower arrangers (such as Constance Spry).  When we all get back to normal, you will be armed with new inspirations, ready to launch.’

Nicola Burt Interior Design:

Nicola is an experienced Interior Designer based in London and KLC Tutor.

Working from home: This is a really difficult time for us all and I hope you are keeping positive and healthy. Many of us will be making changes to our working routine and environment so I thought I would share a few useful tips that work for me, and please share yours!

I always ensure I have a good natural light source and sit as near a window as possible, because light and air are so important for our wellbeing. Ensure you have decent space around you and your desk so you can work comfortably.
Stationery and document organisers help to keep the clutter at bay, and inspiring artwork on the walls helps to keep you going when you are flagging!

Lush greenery and plants are important too. Most of us will be spending much more time indoors in the coming weeks and we need to consider the importance of biophilic design so that we still have a sense of connection to the natural environment.

Stay well and stay KLC Connected.