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KLC offers a long-established and proactive careers service, which is an integral part of the outcomes from studying with us. KLC has continued to offer successful careers support to all students over the past year despite the difficulties and obstacles that covid-19 brought. The careers department has been placing our students into incredible career opportunities after their graduation took place online earlier this year.

The end goal of our training is to secure work in the industry for our graduates and we actively facilitate this. Throughout the course, students are educated on CV preparation, portfolio presentation and professional practice with all alumni having access to our very busy KLC Online Jobs Board.

Founder of KLC, Jenny Gibbs OBE has explained the importance of KLC’s bespoke careers service that has developed over the years.


“When students enrol on a course with us, they are investing in their future and so it has always seemed to me that providing careers support ought to be an important part of our provision. Over the years this bespoke service has been developed into an outstanding support mechanism with a huge range of contacts in the design world.  Students and employers alike appreciate the way that our exceptional Head of Careers matches graduates to the needs and culture of particular design practices.  It is a remarkable achievement that the employment figures for this summer’s graduates are almost as high as the previous year, despite the challenging circumstances.” - Jenny Gibbs OBE


The KLC Careers Department offers a bespoke service intended to assist students in making the successful transition from course to the workplace. 

On validated courses, the careers team supports students from the moment they embark on their course.  Regular contact with the Careers Department is scheduled into the course timetable throughout the duration of the course.  Students receive multiple lectures as well as personal one-to-one meetings to go through the main areas of the job search process including writing a cover letter, advice of CV and portfolio and the interview process. For non-validated courses, the same is offered towards the end of the course.

The careers team constantly work on developing relationships with design studios, recruitment agencies and other industry partners. The service is constantly evolving in line with the emerging trends in the design recruitment market. The careers team regularly attend industry events, webinars and sometimes visit the design studios in London in order to completely understand the culture of a company. This background research is invaluable when it comes to matching graduates to internships and work experience placements.

The Careers Department not only deal with internships but recruit permanent as well as freelance positions for a cross-section of organisations in the design industry. These diverse roles, ranging from junior to senior level designers, are advertised on our internal jobs board.  The department also facilitates introductions with employers and mentors wherever possible.

Recently, we have had a number of students launch their professional careers with the help of KLC Careers Team who have had the following feedback to share:

Dear Geeta and Charlotte, Thank you so much for helping me find this opportunity! I am very lucky to have been offered this internship. Not only does the studio produce beautiful interiors, but Katie and Henry seem very encouraging and supportive, which is the ideal environment for learning in. I’m really super grateful to you both for flagging this up
Ann B – PT Diploma 2020

I'm so excited to start with my first junior position! Thanks again Geeta for all your help. I'm sure I will be in touch!
– Pav G, FT Diploma 2020

Thank you Geeta for all of your help! You’ve been so great at helping me - I was also successful in my interview for Vellos Designs and will start another part-time job on the 14th
Rosie W, FT FDA 2020.

Elaine F, Online Learning Student, recently shared the following answers when asked about the opportunities our careers team has posted and the importance of gaining experience in the interior design industry.

How have you found working with our careers department while looking for an experience in the industry?

I have applied for 3 positions and been successful in 2 through the KLC Careers online jobs board.

How important do you think it is to have work experience after completing your KLC course?

Like any industry, it’s important to have any kind of experience in that area under your belt, not only to show prospective employers but also for yourself to understand the industry and know what areas interest you and what don’t.

Did you find it useful and learn more about the industry and improve your employment prospects?

Yes of course, it’s always very useful to learn more about the industry, especially as I haven’t worked in anything similar in the past. It is also good to gain any kind of experience to improve your prospects.

How was your experience as an intern and did you enjoy it?

It was a great experience, probably made more challenging due to WFH but that situation is the reason I was able to apply for the job in the first place. It was a great learning experience to understand the back end of high-end companies.

Alongside KLC’s dedicated Careers Department, we have setup KLC Connect. KLC Connect is an initiative that aims to make KLC students feel a part of the design community and to add real value to their experience at KLC.  Student, industry and alumni representatives work together to plan an innovative annual programme of events and initiatives to give students a better understanding of how the industry works, provide extensive networking opportunities and help prepare them for the workplace.

KLC Connect - ABOVE: Meet the Designers 'Speed Dating' evening. BELOW: Meet the Supplier Evening at Waterworks

KLC Connect has hosted a number of events:

'Time for Change' Series Webinars - 1) Business, 2) Diversity and 3) Wellness - September 2020

Keeping KLC Connected: Industry Inspiration - April 2020

KLC Connect Designer Evening at Waterworks - March 2020

KLC Connect Suppliers Evening - March 2019

KLC Connect Designer Evening - February 2019

KLC Connect Launch Event - November 2018

Students enjoy attending KLC Connect events and find them extraordinarily valuable to their studies.

Following one of the events, a student shared her thoughts: "The KLC Connect evening was a great opportunity to meet some really inspirational and exciting industry professionals and it also gave me some direction in terms of the areas in which I am interested in working and who I think is a good fit and vice versa."

KLC January 2021 Courses are all scheduled to go ahead and we strongly recommend getting in touch with our Admissions team to start your application process with us. If you are interested to see how studying at KLC is currently taking place, read our latest article ‘Bonding in Bubbles’ here!

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