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Time for Change by KLC Connect

Time for Change is a series of 3 webinars reflecting on the challenges ahead as we re-enter the workplace after the last turbulent few months

These will be run by KLC Connect. KLC Connect is run by a steering panel of industry contacts, alumni and students and provides an annual programme of talks and events to add another layer to studies at KLC and to make students feel more a part of the design community.

photo of Jenny Gibbs OBE

- KLC Founder, Jenny Gibbs OBE

"As we look back over the last turbulent few months it seems the right time to encourage our students and the wider design community to pause and reflect on the lessons learned, the challenges ahead and how designers can help to meet those challenges.Over the three webinars, we look firstly at how design businesses may be affected in the various sectors, how to protect those business and what new opportunities are emerging.  Our second session will focus on what we can do to ensure that design is a genuinely diverse and transparent profession and finally an expert panel considers design strategies for interiors and gardens to reduce risk of infection, support wellness and safeguard health and mental health"

KLC Connect Webinar - Time for Change 1

KLC Connect Webinar: 'Time for Change' Panel Discussion 1 - 17th September

“How will interior designers respond to the need for change in the post lockdown downturn?” 

The panel will reflect on the challenges faced by design practices with reduced need for office spaces, a shift to online shopping and the knock on effect on the retail and hospitality industries. They will also consider the opportunities presented by home office working, smaller office hubs, access to wider markets and the churn in the property market as city workers re-locate.  Discussion will also focus on considerations for educators and potential changes in career opportunities for designers

Chaired by Lester Bennett new President of BIID, with Susie Rumbold of Tessuto, Rob Goulder Thirdway Interiors, Geeta Dhar KLC Head of Careers and Simon Hamilton (United in Design, Career Consultant and designer).

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KLC Connect Webinar - Time for Change 2

KLC Connect Webinar: 'Time for Change' Panel Discussion 2 - 24th September

"How can we encourage more diversity in the industry?" 

What strategies should we be deploying to encourage and support a genuinely transparent and diverse design community with all the benefits that will bring?

Chair tbc, with Aneeqa Khan, CEO Eporta, Alexandria Dauley, Ama Afrifa-Tchie, Bhavin Taylor designer (winner of Evening Standard 2019 Design Award) and Julia Begbie KLC Development Director

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KLC Connect Webinar: 'Time for Change' Panel Discussion 3 - 1st October

"Health, wellbeing and hygiene in interiors in a post-pandemic world"

The spread of the Coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown has made us all more aware of our surroundings, how the physical aspects of the buildings and interiors we use influence every aspect of our lives, and the very real risks of infection.  The experience has served to increase the emphasis on wellbeing and the importance of quality of life.  What strategies should designers and architects be focusing on to identify and reduce the risks, relieve stress, enhance comfort, security and social connection and safeguard the health and mental health of occupants now for the future?

Chair Dr. Hina Ladd - Senior Healthcare Planner with Sir Christopher Shaw - Chair Architects for Health, Alice Green - Architect, Adrienne Chinn - Interior designer and author, Marie Louise Agius -  Balston Agius, garden designer and Rebecca Weir - Light IQ, lighting designer.

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