KLC Director of Studies wins BIID Merit Award


The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) has just held its AGM and announced their annual Merit Award.  We were thrilled that this year’s winner was Diana McKnight, KLC’s Director of Studies.

Diana McKnight Portrait Photo

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The Awards Committee look for 3 criteria when considering the nominees – excellence in interior design practice, a contribution to the development of the Institute and a commitment to the wider field of design education.  

Outgoing BIID President, Harriet Forde cited the following reasons for selecting Diana as this year’s recipient:

“Diana joined the BIID in 1995 and has given so much to the Institute over the past 25 years. She has volunteered in many different capacities including the Registration Assessment Panel, the Professional Pathway Committee, the Professional Practice Committee and has also been a mentor for designers starting out in their careers.

Diana has achieved an MA in teaching and, in addition to running her own interior design practice, she has trained thousands of designers, including many BIID members, in her role of Director of Studies at KLC School of Design. She is responsible for the academic content, planning, management and delivery of all courses at KLC and has lectured in Japan and Russia as well as in the UK. 

Members who have been trained by Diana or worked alongside her on BIID committees always talk about what a kind and thoughtful person she is. She has an incredible wealth of expertise on design, but is also unfailingly modest about her accomplishments.”

Our congratulations to Diana for this recognition of such outstanding contribution to the industry!