KLC's Alumni of the Month is Marie-Louise Agius


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We are delighted to share that our December Alumni of the Month is the talented Marie-Louise Agius. Marie-Louise is a Director of Balston Agius and an associate member of the Society of Garden Designers.

Marie-Louise is an award-winning Designer who, after completing a Masters at Edinburgh University, went on to train in Garden and Landscape Design at KLC School of Design in London. After graduating from KLC she worked at Clifton Nurseries in London as a Senior Contracts Manager in the Landscape Department. Here she gained invaluable experience in the design, build and contractual side of the landscape industry. Implementation is a critical part of delivering a project for a Client and something that her company, Balston Agius, have extensive knowledge and expertise in.

Marie-Louise has now been a member of the team at Balston Agius for over 15 years and is based in London and the New Forest. She is responsible for overall project management including detailed design, specifications, working drawings, supervision of works on site, planting schemes and plant acquisition. Her portfolio includes a wide variety of projects from numerous private gardens and estates around the UK as well as a wide variety of urban gardens. She jointly designed and project managed the East Village Show Garden for the centenary of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show – winning a much-coveted Gold Medal. She has also recently worked on delivering the gardens at the new Maggie’s Centre in Leeds alongside Heatherwick Studio and the BALI award winning Centenary Garden at Exbury Gardens.

In a recent article in the Telegraph Gardening section, Marie provided a wonderful quote about how she found out about KLC and never looked back once she signed up.

“Having graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA in sociology, horticulture might not have been a  career for Marie-Louise at all if a cousin had not happened to mention that KLC School of Design in London was offering a new course in  garden design.  I said “What’s garden design?”.  My cousin said “I don’t know but why don’t you go along and see?” says Marie Louise.  She did, decided to give it a go and signed up there and then.  Ir proved a good choice.  “From the first second of the first day I was completed booked, a round peg in a round hole.  Nothing else in my education had hit me with such a sucker punch to my stomach before” she remembers.  Now as an RHS judge and director at Chelsea Gold Medal winning Balston Agius a landscape and garden design practice, she says her training has led her to look at the gardens with fresh eyes.  “I learnt so much f rom them horticulturally.  I’m always taking pictures of plants here and then looking them up.  You never stop learning, because of the sheer number of plants in the world"

Marie-Louise is also a Director of Exbury Gardens, a world renowned woodland garden of over 200 acres, specialising in rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias and rare trees and shrubs. She actively participates in regular board meetings whereupon the overall strategy for both the commercial and horticultural direction of the gardens is determined.
She is also an active RHS judge and sits on various selection panels for Show Gardens.

The company Marie-Louise is Director of ,Balston Agius, is a British landscape and garden design practice based in Wiltshire and London, operating on both a national and international basis. Their experience, built over a period of more than 30 years, lies in the fields of landscape and garden design, landscape planning, architecture, horticulture and management. Although the heart of the business is in the creative design of landscapes, gardens and their buildings, and their realisation, the company also carries out other related tasks such as urban planning, estate planning, costing reviews where required, as well as Public Inquiries. View their incredible portfolio of work here.

We hope you feel inspired by this wonderfully talented KLC Alumni. To continue following Marie-Louise on her design journey, follow her on instagram @marielouiseagius and view her website here!

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