Alumnus, Kuniko Thompson of Biden Designs, Launches Exclusive Collection of Silk Wallcoverings at Focus 2021


KLC Alumnus, Kuniko Thompson is the founder of Biden Designs, established in 2008. She is passionate about creating beautiful interiors working with designers, architects and Japanese craftsmen. Kuniko's business, Biden Designs, enjoys making one’s interior unique and special; it is their pleasure to collaborate with people whose design imagination requires a high level of bespoke services to achieve one-off creations. 

Biden Designs will be launching a gorgeous new Japanese Silk Wallcovering Collection at the FOCUS/21 Design Centre Chelsea Harbour event. Read their press release below:

'Biden Designs are delighted to launch a second collection of Kinufushi, a Japanese Silk Wallcovering collection.  Twenty-one further colours were developed to complement the fifty-two colours of the original collection which mainly featured rich and warm colours based on gold.  The new collection offers cooler and more muted tones.  They provide a subtle texture and perfect backdrop for a wide range of interior schemes.     

Japan produces some of the finest silk in the world largely developed by the kimono industry.   The feather-weight silk fabrics look organic using a traditional technique called “Tsumugi”; threads from double cocoons (cocoons with twin worms) are randomly mixed to add a subtle and organic texture.  The silk is so fine and gauzy that the silver lining paper underneath effectively peeps through.  You must witness the way the colours of the wallcovering change depending on the angle you look at.

Another special aspect is not obvious but must be appreciated.  The diaphanous fabrics can only be lined by hand.  Only a handful of craftsmen are skillful enough to do this extremely delicate job in Japan.  The collection is finished by a family of three who dedicate themselves to the job.  They line section by section painstakingly realigning silk threads which have strayed out of order.

Biden Designs search, and develop designs and ideas evolved by artisans who remain loyal to traditional techniques passed from generation to generation.  Biden Designs was established in 2008 by Kuniko Thompson, a Japanese interior designer living in London. Uncovering rare gems hidden in little villages she is undoubtedly introducing the UK market to a treasure trove of inspiration.

The Logo of Biden Design

Please contact Kuniko Thompson  email: info@bidendesigns.com  or  tel: 07711 306 679
Showroom : Within David Seyfried, 1/5 Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, London SW10 0XE UK
All enquiries / Office : 47 Nassau Road, London SW13 9QG UK email: info@bidendesigns.com'