BA Hons Top Up Student, Andrea Signorile, Outstanding Architecture Competition Entry


KLC is excited to share with you an exciting competition entry completed and submitted by one of our talented BA Hons Top Up students, Andrea Signorile.

The competition is an architectural competition named ‘Cambodia Remote Hideout Huts’. The Cambodia Remote Hideout Huts competition is tasking architecture enthusiasts to create a series of self-sustained huts which will provide visitors with simple accommodation within the Cambodia wilderness.

‘Participants are asked to design a series of self-sustained hideout huts to be located in this remote area of Cambodia. Each hut should be able to accommodate two people, offering them simple and humble living conditions during their stay. The hut's main purpose is to give guests a chance to live completely isolated within a community-based concept, allowing them the option to retreat to be on their own while still enjoying the facilities within The Vine Retreat.’

Each submission needed to take the following into consideration:

  • Create a comfortable accommodation for all its occupants in all weather conditions – resistant to the elements of heat, cold, rain and wind
  • Practice environmentally responsible and resource-efficient construction methods
  • Low maintenance in terms of both effort and costs
  • Be an attractive accommodation in its own right

In Andrea’s submission he shared ‘The main challenge was to convey everything the brief asked while still sticking to the concept. The space will make guests experience living into a tree and the perception of safety given by being on top of it as well as the metaphor of the peace reached during meditation.’ We are delighted to share Andrea Signorile’ s creative response to the competition brief below:

In his abstract inspiration and concept, Andrea also shared that ‘Living in an environment that resembles nature makes us unconsciously revive those instincts that are now lost inside the city life. This way of living push us to connect back to our inner side and make us rediscover the beauty of the meditation.’

Congratulations to Andrea for submitting this impressive submission. The winners of this competition will be announced on March 2nd 2021.

The courses that Andrea have studied on are the following:

KLC Full Time Foundation Interior Design Degree Level 4 and 5

KLC Full Time BA Hons Interior Design Top Up Course