Garden Alumnus, Felicity O’Rourke, receives a Silver Medal at Hampton Court Garden Festival


Congratulations to Felicity O’Rourke for being awarded Silver Medal for her show garden titled Extinction in the Global Impact Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Show.  Felicity uses her knowledge of her former career as a pilot to create this powerfully shocking and realistic yet thought-provoking scene.

Felicity graduated from KLC’S Garden Diploma course in Dec 2020 and worked on this show garden for one of her course projects. From her course project to a real life award winning show garden - KLC is incredibly proud of you. A big thank you to the Burnham Landscaping team and everyone that helped and supported Felicity with this incredible project.

About the garden ‘Extinction’:

‘This garden addresses the 6th mass extinction threat to our planet, caused by our continual exploitation and destruction of its natural resources and ancient ecosystems. Its purpose is to jolt people into both an understanding of the severity of the crisis and an appreciation of the scale of the behavioural change that we need to effect. We have always believed that such radical change in our lifestyles was too hard, but our recent response to the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that a radical change in behaviour is possible.

This recently crashed aircraft represents a paradox, being one of mankind’s notable achievements in technology, while contributing to climate change and the rapid spread of Covid-19. The crash site of barley demonstrates another dichotomy, that our successful domestication of crop development during the agricultural revolution has ultimately been a source of weakness for our species, leaving us over-reliant on a small number of species and vulnerable to pests and diseases.

Through the door of the wreckage is a forest of ancient species – it existed long before humankind set foot on this planet – and will survive long after our own extinction. Could this be the jolt that will instil humility, hope and inspiration to save our natural world and our own species from mass extinction?’ Also sponsored by: Wildflower Turf

landscape of alumni show garden Extinction (wreckage view)

It was wonderful to see an 8 minute feature of Felicity and her extinction garden on the BBC Programme covering the Hampton Court Festival. To read more about this garden and other award winning gardens, view the RHS website here: https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/rhs-hampton-court-palace-garden-festival/gardens/2021/extinction

Well done again, Felicity!

Landscape of alumni 'extinction' show garden (buried nose cone)