KLC Diploma HE Final Project Collaboration with Westfield London and the Winning Student Designs


The KLC School of Design Diploma HE Applied Interior Design students of 2020/2021 were given an exciting final project brief to complete a residential or Hospitality project according to their interests and career focus. KLC was delighted to collaborate with Westfield London for our students’ final hospitality project.

This year’s brief was focussed on how living, both privately and publicly has transformed in recent years and is expected to change further in light of the current world situation.  Designers have the ability, and duty, to look ahead and positively impact on these changes spatially, aesthetically and environmentally.

The hospitality industry has been severely affected by the pandemic and many restaurants will need to adapt and refine their business models for the new ‘normal’.  One such approach will be to combine entertainment with dining.

Students were tasked with producing spatial configurations for a new restaurant with a bar, waiting area and entertainment space that can host talks, music, comedy etc. The purpose of the proposal for Westfield’s marketing team is to demonstrate to potential companies how the space can be successfully utilised.

KLC Diploma HE Course Leader, Ruth Casserley, had the following to say about this valuable collaboration,

“Westfield has supported student learning for the last three years through the provision of specialist talks exploring retail and hospitality design. Following lockdown restrictions and the impact of Covid-19 on student learning, it was considered important for students to experience a site briefing.

This led to a collaboration between Westfield design team and KLC for students to develop design proposals for an existing unit. The hospitality industry has been severely affected by the pandemic and many restaurants will need to adapt and refine their business models for the ‘new normal’.  One such approach can be to combine entertainment with dining and we asked our students to consider this and demonstrate how a design proposal can respond to a constantly changing social climate.”

After receiving fantastic submissions from our students, we would like to congratulate the winner of this Westfield project collaboration, Nathan Willmon. Nathan completed the space ‘Mojave, a rich trove of inspiration to create a one-of-a-kind restaurant for Westfield London’.

Nathan’s idea and concept was based on the Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States. The Mojave straddles south-eastern California and southern Nevada. It hosts some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna, extreme landscapes and climates, and strangest and striking American landmarks.

Nathan’s Westfield project space can be seen below:


Congratulations to our runner up, Danielle Gilmartin

Danielle’s Westfield project space can be seen below:

Well done to all students for completing their creative final projects to such a high standard and of course, thank you to Westfield for providing valuable design opportunities for our talented students.