KLC Diploma HE student, Amy Tsao, has winning console table design produced by Tom Faulkner


KLC is delighted to share with you the final produced console table of the winning design by KLC Diploma HE Interior Design student, Amy Tsao.

In March of 2021, Amy was announced as the winner of the Tom Faulkner Console Table Design Competition with her table design called 'Unity'.

When selecting Amy as the winner of the competition, Tom Faulkner shared, "I especially liked this table for its distinctiveness, its boldness, and its sculptural qualities. It is also very simple, and in my opinion beautiful. Amy’s sketchbook was fantastic and she followed her idea through from inspiration to final product very coherently and thoughtfully. Her original idea was distilled, into something very strong.

The inspirations – drawn from events of the last year – were interesting and there was a nice story about pride, defiance, hope, and diversity. The final table echoed these ideas – it actually looks defiant and hopeful. And there was a boldness on Amy’s part in going for something so simple in the end, and letting the design speak for itself!

When finding inspiration for her design Amy shared the following, “It was challenging to find inspiration in a world that had turned introspective and fearful. However, this strange time also presented an opportunity to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Long walks locally revealed a community united in positivity and hopefulness. So many rainbows and optimistic messages were spotted. An early summer rainbow appeared at the end of my road, and seemed so perfectly placed for the moment in time. In a dark year of pandemic, we looked for light and hope. One place we found it was in our treasured NHS, whose ranks bore heavy burdens and made huge sacrifices for the greater good. Its adopted moniker is the rainbow, long a symbol of positive ideals, including hope, diversity, peace and unity.”

Tom Faulkner has worked hard to produce Amy's Unity console table. When asked what Amy found interesting and surprising about the process of producing the piece and if her vision was met, she shared "I loved the visit to the workshop in Swindon and learned so much. It was surprising to learn how many people, and how many hours, were involved in bringing the table to life. To achieve the intended seamless feel of the Unity table required such attention to detail -details I had not considered myself.

Tom and his team really came through on the original vision, and I think there is no mistaking the rainbow origins of the table. For my part, I definitely wavered on the finish ofthe table, but ultimately went back to the Rose Pewter finish I had liked in the first place!"

See photos of the finished 'Unity Console Table' below:


 KLC values the wonderful industry relationships we have with not only designers but incredibly talented craftsman and artisans. These industry competitions, live briefs and contact provided to our students are extremely beneficial for their growth and professional industry exposure before garduating. We believe it is great experience for our students to work on designing and creating furniture and commisioning bespoke furniture for their careers in the future.

Thank you to Tom Faulkner for providing our Diploma HE students with a challenging, creative and inspiring competition and producing the winning design.