KLC Interior Design Students ready their submissions for exciting live project with St Giles Trust


St Giles Trust is a charitable organisation that delivers support services to children, young people and adults from a variety of vulnerable circumstances and backgrounds.

The charity recognises that when a person is able to turn their life around, everybody benefits, from the welfare of other family members to the local community and even wider society.  ‘The people we help are facing huge challenges – poverty, deprivation, mental health issues and crime.  However, we are working with our partners and local communities to do something about it – supporting people to turn their pasts into positive futures.’

The St Giles Trust now wishes to redevelop its current premises and are asking KLC Foundation Degree students to help them with the redesign.  The aim is to create a more uplifting and hopeful environment that will inspire clients to see their worthiness and to believe that positive change can happen. 

This will be an assessed group project for the students, designed to advance their project management skills, their ability to collaborate within a team and promote their professional development. Just as importantly, the students will have a chance to respond to a live brief where the psychological experience and mental wellbeing of the end-user will take centre stage in their design response.

In recent years the awareness in the value of interior environments that promote mental wellbeing has significantly increased, both within critical design thinking and in the conscious mindset of commercial and residential clientele.  The brief has given students a chance to broaden their critical awareness of this fascinating subject and apply their learning to a pertinent and very worthy cause.

The students are now entering the closing stages of the project and preparing for group presentation before representatives from St Giles Trust and members from the KLC academic team. 

We wish them the best of luck and look forward to sharing some of their creativity soon.