Tom Faulkner Console Table Design Competition with KLC


KLC School of Design is delighted to announce the winning student of an exciting design competition with Tom Faulkner.

Established in 1995, the Tom Faulkner furniture brand is synonymous with metalwork. Tom’s designs are distinctive and elegant, with clean simple lines and strong silhouettes. Metal is often combined with glass, marble, or wood. Many of Tom’s designs work in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Pictured: Tom Faulkner’s Papillon Console Table, which was displayed in the KLC studios during 2020

The heart of the business is his workshop in Wiltshire where almost everything is still made. His showroom is in Lots Road, Chelsea. Today Tom Faulkner’s main market is the UK, with Europe and USA growing steadily.

Tom Faulkner invited KLC students from the Diploma HE Applied Interior Design course to design one console table for Tom to consider. The piece should stick to Tom Faulkner’s ethos – clean lines, and distinctive, good design, using quality materials. The piece must practical as well as beautiful.

During the announcement over Zoom to the KLC Diploms HE students Tom shared,

"I found it fascinating to see what each student produced. I was really interesting and humbling to see how good everyones work was. I judged this by first looking at the designs by myself, then looked at them with the team and then from a sales point of view and ofcourse from a workshop point of view in terms of being able to produce it. This was the process of how we chose our winner."

KLC and the team at Tom Faulkner would like to congratulate the winner, Amy Tsao, who has been chosen as the winning student with her ‘Unity’ Console Table Design. (Instagram: @ciaoamya) Pictured below is Amy’s console table design:

When finding inspiration for her design Amy shared the following,

“It was challenging to find inspiration in a world that had turned introspective and fearful. However, this strange time also presented an opportunity to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Long walks locally revealed a community united in positivity and hopefulness. So many rainbows and optimistic messages were spotted. An early summer rainbow appeared at the end of my road, and seemed so perfectly placed for the moment in time. In a dark year of pandemic, we looked for light and hope. One place we found it was in our treasured NHS, whose ranks bore heavy burdens and made huge sacrifices for the greater good. Its adopted moniker is the rainbow, long a symbol of positive ideals, including hope, diversity, peace and unity.”

In Amy’s final design, the rainbow is the form that defines the console table design. A modified arc is seamlessly connected, appearing to be made of a single, solid ribbon of metal. This simple and clean design is visually calm, as well as practical with storage at the base level. It is versatile as it can be customized in a range of metallic finishes, and dimensions can be adjusted to client specifications. The console table, to be named Unity, is easily adaptable to suit traditional or contemporary tastes, residential or commercial settings.

Tom Faulkner shared that he selected Amy's design as the winner because,

"Amy's design was very distinctive, had a sculptural quaility, it was bold. had clean lines and a wonderful back story. Her concept was a strong sotyr of defiance, hope and bravery - I really liked it. It showed great progression from the initial ideas into the final piece. We look forward to making this piece for Amy in time for the July Graduation."

Tom Faulkner will be creating Amy’s ‘Unity’ console table and we look forward to sharing this with you soon.

Congratulations to all our Diploma HE Interior Design students for their creative and inspiring designs. It was most certainly a difficult task for the team at Tom Faulkner to choose only one winning design.

To finish off, it feels fitting to share the two quotes that Amy Tsao used in her competition submission as inspiration for her design and during these difficult times.

“When it rains look for rainbows, when it’s dark look for stars.”

-Oscar Wilde

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

-Maya Angelou