KLC Connect Studio Visit to Altfield with Sustainable Materials Talk


We were delighted to host an exciting KLC Connect Event at the Design Centre studio, Altfield, with an insightful talk about Sustainable Materials given by Rodell Markham, the Showroom Manager.

Rodell shared insightful information regarding Fabric, Wallcoverings, Leather and Faux Leather. From Production to FR & Sustainability. Greenwashing, intended use of products. Relationships with Contractors and suppliers.

Our events coordinator, Lizzie shared her thoughts and summary of the event,

Altfield based on the 2nd Floor in the Design Centre opened their showroom doors to KLC students with an amusing and fact packed talk on Sustainability from Showroom Manager Rodell Markham.  Rodell emphasised the many areas of sustainability and the different interpretation each person has of this, his belief and mantra is ‘Just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean it’s suitable’.  He discussed this in relation to fabrics, wallcoverings, leather and faux leather, from production to current outdated fire regulations as well as greenwashing and finally touched on the relationship between contractors and suppliers.  The group was then encouraged to have a good look around the extensive library of samples Altfield hold in their showroom.


Curators of fine textiles, wallcoverings and leather, Altfield distributes high-end lines from around the world. Its collections embody the richness of design and material that have become synonymous with the Altfield brand, offering the perfect balance between beauty and performance.

Rodell Markham:

Rodell Markham studied Interior Design in San Diego, Dubai and London before going on to work for Tissue d’Helene, Brunschwig & Fils, Stark Fabric and Altfield London. Rodell has worked for Altfield for over 10 years and is in charge of Showroom, Trade show stands, new collections and Fire testing. 

Thank you to Altfield for their generous hospitality and Rodell for the informative talk.