Laura Allsopp shares her course experiences thus far after her exciting career change from chartered accounting to interior design.

My Online Certificate Course Experiences


 Online Certificate student Laura Allsopp shares her experience on the course so far.

Laura previously studied Maths and Business, trained as a Chartered Accountant and then worked in financial planning for two FTSE 100 companies in London and Milton Keynes before she and her husband had their two girls, Ellie and Isla. Since having the girls, Laura has been a stay at home Mum and has been renovating their house. We spoke to Laura about her decision to study interior design at KLC.

Q. Why did you decide to pursue a career in Interior Design?

Being a mum and renovating were both new and amazing experiences for me, they completely changed me and what I want from life. Now I can’t help but look at interior design everywhere I go (shops, hotels, friend’s houses, on TV or even a trip to the toilet!). I enjoyed designing so much and I was immensely proud of what we had achieved on the house, but I knew there was so much more to learn, and I had a thirst for it! Being creative has been an absolute joy and I just want to explore the world of design more and more.  I was nervous about doing something new after all this time, but my Husband and close friends (who I’d helped with design work) gave me confidence and encouraged me.  Also, I wanted to be a good example to my girls by pursuing something I was passionate about, and working hard at it.

Q. What made you choose to study with KLC and why an online course?

My Husband works long hours and I didn’t want my next steps to impact too much on family life, so the online course was perfect for me. I could still do school drop-off and pick-ups and make those all-important plays and sports matches. KLC was an obvious choice for me given it is such a highly regarded course in the design hub of London. Although I live in Northamptonshire, I can also occasionally travel down to London for inspiration and to check out fabric houses etc.  Having the school at Chelsea Harbour also gives me the confidence to explore the fabric houses (which can be intimidating initially) as I feel like I belong there.

Q. What are you enjoying about the course so far?

The content of the course is challenging, which is a relief as I want to learn and not just get a piece of paper (a certificate). I’m enjoying being pushed out of my comfort zone and being creative. So far, the choices in the projects are not constrained by budget which has also been very fun! I always found choosing fabrics difficult and I’ve enjoyed learning more about fabrics in depth in Section 2. I feel I can now make more confident fabric choices (which is great as I’ve been putting off choosing the kitchen blind and curtains for ages!).


Q. Which were your favourite projects in Section 1? What was the most challenging or rewarding part?

I most enjoyed the Visual Inspiration section as it was so refreshingly creative and high level. I have been doing renovations for a while and it’s a delight to come out of the detail and look at a bigger picture. I am most proud of my sketches of the fruit and the cup. I haven’t sketched in over 15 years and being able to draw (even to that basic level) took me by surprise and gave me confidence. It has inspired me to sketch more and there is still a lot of work to be done in this area.


Q. Have you found it easy to fit the course around your personal commitments?

Fitting the course around my family and other commitments has been easy. I did fall behind in the school summer holidays but that is ok, and now I am back with all guns blazing as soon as they go to school each day. My Husband is pleased how passionate I am about the course, it’s so nice to have something just for me.

Q. Have you got any study tips for new students?

I guess the downside to part-time online learning is that you may start something and be unable to pick it up again for a little while. I’ve learnt that when I have a chance to work again I must go back to the brief of the task, read it and then reread it, to ensure I am making the most of my time with clear direction and focus.

Q. What are you hoping to achieve from the course? What would you like to go on to do?

I want to be better. Better at designing, more able to make confident, well informed and interesting design choices. I ultimately want to work in interior design. It would be great to get experience in London if this can be achieved on a part time basis.

Laura shared some photos of her recent home renovations with us.

Kitchen and new extension:

Living room – before:

Living room - after:

If you would like more information on this course, look at the Online Certificate Course page here!

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