Course summary

Learn from the industry insiders and graduate industry-ready for all sectors of spatial-design

The Online Structured BA Interior Design at KLC was launched in 2016 as the first of its kind and is a supportive course designed for those who can't commit to full-time onsite study. This award-winning course aims to nurture, develop and equip you with a broad range of interior design skills and professional practice. You will learn to collaborate with your tutors and peers on compelling projects made possible by KLC’s extensive industry and community links.

As the course progresses, you will gain self-confidence and a real sense that design is a tool for social change and ethical innovation. Upon
graduating, you will be industry-ready for commercial or residential design with life-long support from KLC’s successful careers team.

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Great reasons to apply

  • Launched in 2016, the teaching faculty are expert at successfully teaching interior design online including regular live seminars
  • Students join a cohort of fellow students from all over the world working on the same projects at the same time. Everyone gets equal tutor support - no matter where they are nationally or internationally. Unlike other online courses, there is a lot of interaction between fellow students and with the tutor team, which is the core strength of the programme.
  • Studying on this course offers a genuinely collaborative learning experience with practising members of the design industry, utilising KLC’s invaluable industry links.
  • As the course progresses, project work moves from residential design to more complex commercial design and work is submitted and assessed mostly via KLC’s state of the art Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with some physical work submissions.
  • Continuing your studies into the fourth and fifth year expands your critical thinking and professional practice and include Revit CAD software from the outset - fast becoming the new industry-standard software.
  • KLC aims for all students to enter practice and truly understand the working process. You will be prepared both academically and practically to enter the workplace as soon as you graduate.

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VIDEO: An inspiring, organized, light-flood, human-centred workspace with biophilic details by Anita Szorad, KLC School of Design - BA (Hons) Interior Design graduate 2019. This BA (Hons) Interior Design course is one of the few in the UK to have adopted the use of Revit software – fast becoming the industry standard of tomorrow.

Student gallery

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  •  BA Hons Interior Design 2
  •  BA Hons Interior Design 3
  •  BA Hons Interior Design 4
  • Abstract Models - Gabriella Kuti
  • BA Anna Dunne Canal Staircase
  • BA Anna Dunne Reception of the Future
  • BA Hons Interior Design
  • BA Hons Kaija Kasearu 3D Visuals
  • Furniture Boards - Valentina Priami
  • Group Project Rendered Visual for RHN
  • Group Project Rendered Visual for RHN
  • Group Project Rendered Visual for RHN
  • Hand Rendered Floor Plan - Donna Davies Brackett
  • Hand Rendered Sketch Perspective - Genevieve Barnard
  • Pavilion Model - Nadia Themistocleous
  • Rendered Visual of Office Project - Kerry Lyon
  • Rendered Visual of Pop Up Stand - Carole Tuff
  • Rendered Visual of Reception Desk - Siobhan Hughes
  • Sketchbook development 3 - Melissa Read

Course details

With KLC’s award-winning, state-of-the-art virtual learning environment, gaining an interior design degree online has now become a reality. Students from all over the UK and the world are taking advantage of the industry-recommended design training which KLC offers, without having to move to London! Students are divided into time zone groups for online seminars and can look forward to regular contact with their tutors.

Skills are taught through pre-recorded video lectures, lesson notes are uploaded weekly and each group enjoys regular live webinars, which brings everyone together for peer collaboration and debates about design! The online ‘Coffee Shop’ forums also give students a space to collaborate, ask questions and share ideas on a daily basis. Balancing your commitments and your study time has never been so simple, with this flexible, affordable route to a degree.

The course is divided into three levels each consisting of five terms (approximately 20 months including holidays between levels) and each with their own validated qualification:

UK Academic FrameworkAward for completing levelsTotal Duration
Level 4 Certificate HE Interior Design 5 terms (20 months)
Level 4 + Level 5 Diploma HE Interior Design 10 terms (40 months)
Level 4 + Level 5 + Level 6 BA (Hons) Interior Design 15 terms (60 months)

Once you have completed Level 5, it is possible to work part-time in the industry whilst continuing to study your level 6 online.

The beauty of this flexible course is the opportunity it gives students to manage existing work and family commitments, while embarking on a creative journey towards their new career in interior design.

What excites me the most is the enjoyment students take from collaborating online: structured, timetabled and inspiring activities, small group sizes and live interaction make the course fun, with peer support and engagement being what students themselves say is best about this course.

After all, online learning and teaching is the future of education and KLC’s Online Foundation Degree is leading the way!
- Course Leader, Marianna Velissaropoulou

When you commence your level 6 study you be able to further develop your design skills, acquire Revit competency and be able to generate and communicate innovative design solutions of higher standards while enhancing your lateral thinking and gaining a clearer and deeper understanding of the industry requirements to take your design skills to a higher level.

Online lectures, seminars, workshops, documents, and forums will allow you to gain the appropriate information and knowledge while being in touch with your tutors and receiving regular feedback and personalised supervision. 

The program of regular synchronous activities, e.g., online seminars or tutorial sessions will be available at the beginning of each term, so you will have plenty of time to arrange your commitments and join the online platform. All other academic material will be available via the online learning platform’s timetabled curriculum, while you can get in touch with your peers and tutors using the online forums.

The design briefs have a commercial character and vary in function and complexity allowing the development of your lateral thinking ability and to gain experience in a variety of brief complications and industry requirements.

Course Dates

12 September 2022 -  08 August 2027

BA (Hons) Degree 
Validated by the University of Brighton

5 Years (15 terms)

Graduate entry to the UK and international interior design industry

Study Hours
20+ hours per week, regular mandatory group webinars

“The thing that concerned me most about the online course was my ‘expectation’ of feeling isolated and this has definitely not been the case. The combination of the coffee shop forums, the seminars etc. makes me feel very much a part of the group. I like the way the portfolios have open access, so as with a classroom environment you can see your classmates work.” Martin Nealon

Course units

Level Four

Term One

Design Project 1 - Pavillion Design (understanding space and form)
Reflective Report 1 - Building research report

The BA Degree starts with the fundamental aspects of interior design training, with students exploring how to research design, draw inspiration from their surroundings and record their ideas within their sketchbooks. During live webinars, students investigate how to use various research techniques and live peer feedback to one another. Through pre-recorded lessons they cover more theoretical topics such as reflective writing, research and analysis, and they explore practical subjects on a scale, surveying a space, sketching and model making. Design development, channelling creativity and design principles, such as ergonomics and anthropometrics, are covered as part of the design process before students learn how to draft floor plans, sections and elevations.

Term Two

Design Project 2 - Container Living

Students focus strongly on visual communication and presentation skills this term, with technical drawing skills advancing to sketch one and two-point perspective drawings. Whilst they continue developing freehand sketching skills, new topics covered include hand colour rendering. Lectures on digital finishes and furnishings are also taught this term, which leads to a peer feedback webinar session. The completion of the second residential project sees the introduction of lessons and a webinar on how to use the computer software SketchUp.

Term Three

Assessed Debate - Live Online Debate in Contemporary Interior Design Practice
Group Research Project - ‘Design Evolution and Trends’ Reference Book
Contextual Essay 1 - Historical Essay

Focusing on the history of interior design, this term starts with students working in groups in preparation for a live online debate on Contemporary Interior Design Practices. Following the debate, a series of lectures and webinars assist students in their journey through the evolution of design from 1660 to the modern-day. This term students can look forward to the introduction of Professional Practice and the key skills they will need to develop as practising Interior Designers, such as design fees, invoices, contracts and estimating quantities.

Term Four

Design Project 3 - Medium Residential Design (focusing on kitchen and bathroom design and planning)

Practical knowledge continues to develop this term as students are introduced to kitchen and bathroom design, as well as colour theory and lighting. These core skills are applied within the third residential design project, which aims to also enhance students’ sourcing skills before they receive lessons on material presentation techniques. This term sees the introduction of the design software Photoshop that enhances students’ digital rendering skills. Live webinars include the Power of Branding, Creative Bathroom and Kitchen Planning, as well as a Sample Board critique.

Term Five

Design Project 4 - Residential / Commercial (complex design and planning)

The final term of Level 4 sees the introduction of AutoCAD software, which aims to develop new computer skills alongside SketchUp and Photoshop, to generate slick technical drawings and visuals. As part of their project, students begin to cross over from residential design to commercial, aiming at challenging existing skills and pushing their creativity. Through a series of lectures and webinars, students explore lighting design at a higher level and are introduced into a conceptual approach in terms of developing their spatial strategies. Further insight into graphic design enhances students’ presentations, as well as their project brochure/portfolio submitted at the end of the term.

Level Five

Term Six

Design Project 5 - Conceptual Exhibition/Pop-Up Design

The second half of the course opens with teaching on advanced traffic flow and site analysis within a commercial environment, as well as advanced conceptual development which leads into the fifth design project for an exhibition or pop-up space design. Students will learn about building regulations & construction, alongside the process of realising their concepts into designs.

Term Seven

Research Project - Textiles Research & Application
Design Project 6 - Detailed Working Drawings
Contextual Essay 2 - Materials Report

This term focuses solely on the use of materials in the design industry – introducing students to detailed materials-based research and their specialised usage within interiors, including wood, stone, textiles, man-made materials, new materials and contemporary processes. Projects this term will focus on product design using different materials, and advanced detailed technical drawing and sketching skills. Students also explore issues around sustainability and the responsibility of designers and they are introduced to InDesign that helps advance their presentation and graphic skills.

Term Eight

Design Project 7 - Large Commercial Project

Teaching on commercial design is the sole focus for this term, with lectures on current trends and commercial design imperatives, as well as important legislation, regulations and environmental policies relating to commercial design. Students will examine design vs. function, accessibility and inclusive design, alongside specialist design for bars, hotels, retail spaces and offices. Lighting skills are revisited from a commercial perspective and new software EstiPC is introduced. The live project leads on to working with structural engineers and contractors, as well as project coordination skills.

Term Nine

Design Project 7 - Group Project
Design Project 8 - Final Major Project

The group projects at KLC always have a social focus, working with the Design Changes Lives Foundation to contribute to some kind of community development. This will involve analysing complex interior spaces, looking at specialised areas of design interest, developing research summaries & rationales and presenting professional documentation. Working within a design team helps students to develop their interpersonal skills and learn about professional practice within a design team.

Term Ten

Design Project 8 - Final Major Project (continued)

Finishing the course with further professional skills for the industry students will look at developing design ideas into a professional dossier, advanced visual communication of a project, advanced budgeting and creating a professional portfolio of work. Understanding of business skills such as marketing for interior designers and setting up your own studio are also included. At the end of the BA Degree course, the KLC Careers Service also offers 121 sessions for portfolio and CV advice, internships and interviews.

Level Six

Terms Eleven and Twelve

Design Project 9 - Commercial Design

Dissertation - 5,000 Word Historical and Critical Dissertation

Report 1 - Professional Practice & Business Administration

Report 2 - Construction, Technology and Environment

The course begins with a refresher on using key software and communication techniques in interior design.  Lectures and workshops on professional practice and construction techniques provide insight into working as a designer.  The first term also covers topics designing for business, advanced space planning, sustainability and environmental concerns for the design industry. Projects and exercises are designed to challenge students’ creative thinking and mode of communication. The first design project will also feature Revit instruction, the newest drawing package utilised within the design industry. This design software package will enable the students to model their design proposals three-dimensionally and will assist them in producing relevant working drawing packages.  By gaining competency with Revit in the first design project, students are allowed to advance their skills through practice in their final design project.

Terms Thirteen and Fourteen

Design Project 10 - Commercial design

Dissertation/Reports - (continued)

To develop students’ knowledge of the opportunities of this industry, lectures and seminars will be devoted to various professions utilising interior design skills as well as how to complete compelling and competitive CVs and Portfolios.  The absorbing and challenging design project in terms three, four, and five will be about social change, visualising how the design of a space can make a genuine difference.  Design challenges will increase students’ skills during which design solutions will evolve by demonstrating high levels of design literacy and critical thinking.   Students will present work at a professional level through sketches, diagrams, visuals, drawings etc. using creative techniques coherent to the design proposal.

Term Fifteen

Design Project 11 - Commercial design (continued)

Alongside the continuation and completion of their final large commercial project, the Careers Service offers CV and portfolio advice with access to the KLC Online Jobs Board. The course culminates in a final, celebratory online Exhibition.

"I was worried about doing an online degree; that I wouldn’t keep motivated or I’d feel swamped by the information. However the way in which the course is structured is informative but enjoyable, and the videos and webinars make things feel much more manageable." Jess Fuery

How to apply

Entry onto the course is by application only, so please complete the Request an interview form or call our Admissions team to request an application.

To prepare your application, you will be asked to complete the following:

  • Application forms, including education and career history
  • A creative exercise based on a celebrity bedroom
  • A multiple choice spatial awareness exercise.

Computer-aided design is a key part of this course; therefore applicants must be computer literate and able to confidently use their personal laptop.

Please contact our Admissions Team on 020 7376 3377 or if you need any further information or advice about the Entry Requirements for this course.

Entry requirements

The standard entry requirements for this course are as follows:

  • 5 GCSE’s at grade C or above

  • A-Levels: UCAS tariff: CCC (96 UCAS tariff points) or equivalent
    or BTEC: National Diploma: MMM (112-96 points)

  • No previous art and design experience is required. 

We can also accept applications from mature students who do not hold the above qualifications but have sufficient prior learning experience. In this instance, the School will review any short courses, internships or work experience undertaken.

English Language Requirements

Fees and Funding

Home/EU/International fee

£6,945 per level

An Instalment Plan is available for this course

Instalment Plan

Start date: 13 September 2021

Enrolment fee: £500 non-refundable but deductible from the overall fees.

Followed by 18 monthly payments of: £372 per level.

  01 July 2021 £372
  01 August 2021 £372
  01 September 2021 £372
  01 October 2021 £372
  01 November 2021 £372
  01 December 2021 £372
  01 January 2022 £372
  01 February 2022 £372
  01 March 2022 £372
  01 April 2022 £372
  01 May 2022 £372
  01 June 2022 £372
  01 July 2022 £372
  01 August 2022 £372
  01 September 2022 £372
  01 October 2022 £372
  01 November 2022 £372
  01 December 2022 £372


  • Please be advised that this facility is only available to students with a UK bank account (inc Northern Ireland).
  • The above payment schedule is for Level 4 of the BA (Hons) Interior Design. Progression to Level 5 and Level 6 is automatic upon successful completion of your Level 4 or 5. The same payment schedule applies to Level 5 and 6.

  • Please make a careful note of our refund policies, so that you are clear about what you might expect in the event of cancellation.

  • Each instalment includes a charge of £20.67 for using this facility.


There are a number of funding options available and it can be complicated establishing the most appropriate route for you, so if you would like any advice then please do not hesitate to contact our Registrars by telephone (020 7376 3377) or email (

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Student Finance England
This is a government loan to help pay for university or college tuition fees and to help with living costs. Non Degree holding applicants may be able to borrow £4,625 per year towards the cost of a course for all 5 years – you start repaying once you earn over a certain amount. 

To check your eligibility and to start your application, please visit the Student Finance website. Our UK provider number is 10008325.

For students to be eligible for Student Finance, they must be studying a designated course. Courses at KLC are designated each year by the Department for Education. Please visit OfS for more information.

Personal Education Loan
There are many different companies offering personal loans, including some that specialise in private education loans which have a reduced repayment through the duration of your course.

Alumni and careers


The current students of Online Foundation Degree will be graduating from the course in April 2020. 


KLC’s dedicated Careers Service is available to all qualification students and alumni. We try to maintain a close relationship with our graduates; to assist them with their progress in the design industry wherever possible. 



NSS 2021 Results

Below is a summary of results for the Full Time Foundation Degree Onsite and Part-Time Foundation Degree Online. 

100% of students felt that staff were good at explaining things

86% said that overall they are satisfied with the quality of their course.

View full results on the Office for Students website.

NEWS UPDATE: In 2019, University of Brighton approved combining the existing KLC Foundation Degree (level 4 and level 5) and KLC's Top-up BA Hons (level 6) to create a full BA (Hons) Interior Design degree. This allowed us to have a simpler course structure, without impacting existing students. The new course was launched onsite and online in September 2020. The duration of the courses will be as follows:-

Onsite BA Hons Interior Design - 3 years full time

Online BA Hons Interior Design - 5 years part time