My Home Building Project - Remodel, Renovate and Restore

Are you considering embarking upon a home renovation or loft/basement conversion, or perhaps adding an extension? This course will demystify the whole process and save you time and money and headaches, and help you achieve the best possible result.

Course Description

This 8-week course on Fridays will give you the tools to successfully plan and manage a major home renovation. You will learn directly from the the people who can help you – including an architect, project manager, structural engineer, chartered surveyor, and builder -- the services they provide and how to communicate effectively with them during the planning and build process. You’ll will also learn about the regulations you must not fall foul of and the paperwork that will prepare and protect you.

Topics Covered:

Week 1 – Construction & Services

  • Working with an architect and a structural engineer
  • Survey of common building structures, from apartments and houses to period properties
  • Review of heating and plumbing systems and products
  • Drawing land and buildings – Ordnance Survey, plans, elevations and sections
  • The roles of interior, lighting and landscape designers.

Week 2 – Permissions and Party Wall AgreementListed, conservation, planning permissions

  • Working with a chartered surveyor
  • What is a Feasibility Report? Planning Application? Party Wall Agreements
  • Building Regulations – working with Building Control
  • Understanding lead times
  • Preparing tender documents for various trades, including schedules and specifications.

Week 3 – Proposals, Contracts & Managing the Project

  • Working with a project manager
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities
  • Tendering, selecting a builder, contracts, working practices, example documents
  • Gantt charts, variations, site visits, project diary, etc.
  • Pitfalls and professionalism.

Week 4 – Working with Your Builder & Sustainability

  • Working with a builder and their trades
  • Review of typical construction methods
  • Understanding how to minimise waste and maximise sustainability
  • Understanding ecological paints and working with your decorator.

Week 5 – Kitchens

  • Introduction to kitchen design, including practical considerations and services
  • Ergonomics, regulations, storage, etc.
  • Planning effective kitchen lighting
  • Kitchen trends, innovations and materials
  • Kitchen planning workshop.

Week 6 – Lighting & Bathrooms

  • Presentation by a top lighting designer
  • Lighting workshop including drafting a lighting plan
  • Introduction to bathroom design, including plumbing, setting out tiles
  • Bathroom trends, innovations and materials
  • Ordering components – the bits you don’t see and can overlook.

Week 7 – Specifying Materials & Products & Understanding Colour

  • Visit to DIY store, looking at kitchen and bathroom components, materials, finishes and lighting
  • Overview of paint types and wallpapers Estimating quantities
  • Understanding colour and how to link this to paint selection
  • Colour workshop.

Week 8 – Interior Designer’s’ Case Studies & Panel Discussion

  • Inspirational presentation by 2 x interior designers
  • Alumni Panel discussion of working on site.

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn how to work effectively with building and design professionals
  • Learn the fundamental elements of construction design, plumbing and lighting
  • Learn about relevant permissions, building control, and application processes
  • Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your project
  • Learn about building materials, tiles, paints, wallpapers, including how to estimate quantities
  • Learn how to design kitchens and bathrooms
  • Learn how to effectively incorporate lighting into your project, including how to draw a lighting plan
  • Learn the basics of colour theory
  • Learn how to run a project effectively to save you time and money.

Who should attend?

This course provides an introduction to the processes, practicalities and paperwork of a typical British residential building project. It is designed for designers and private individuals with little prior knowledge and experience of construction, architecture and design, and introduces subjects from first principles, providing a good, basic foundation of knowledge and understanding.   


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