At KLC we pride ourselves on delivering design training through cutting-edge teaching, learning methods and use of technologies resulting in us being at the forefront of online design education.

What is the difference between Online Structured, Open Learning and Live Online?

Online Structured - means you learn online through KLC's bespoke VLE alongside other students doing the same lessons and projects at the same time supporting each other as you go via direct contact and online forums. There are regular mandatory tutorial sessions with different time zone groups and set deadlines for submitting work - all supported by a dedicated team of skilled and supportive tutors highly experienced at teaching successfully online.

Open Learning (Asynchronous) - means the online course is self-service and you work at your own pace when you want to via KLC's bespoke VLE.  You complete assignments and submit work for marking and detailed feedback - all supported by a dedicated tutor team with included support via email and a UK office hours telephone helpline.

Live Online (Synchronous) - means the online course is a live, face-to-face learning experience with a tutor studying alongside other participants for a set time period. Some courses may have multiple sessions with offline study and project work in between.