40th Anniversary

At KLC we are very proud of the positive impact we have had on people’s lives over the 40 years we have been running courses.  Design can be transformative in many different ways whether it is creating spaces that feel and function better, that, in turn, improves health and mental wellbeing, making businesses more successful or simply opening up new opportunities and changing the lives of individuals who use their creativity in this positive way.

Here are some 40+ examples of the way that KLC has changed lives by design over our 40 years:

Designing the future

But it is not just about what has been achieved in the past but what we can do to contribute to the future.  Through the pandemic and faced with many social and climatic changes, people see their homes as a refuge and are embracing the healing power of nature, often connecting the two.  We recognise the difference that a holistic approach to design in buildings and gardens can make to mental and physical wellbeing and the role of the designer in specifying responsibility to protect the planet’s resources and to encourage the use of local material and craftsmen re-inventing old traditions in a contemporary way.

We are united in our desire to see gardens and interiors not just future proof but designed for ALL, to encourage a diverse entry into the design world and to ensure our courses are as accessible as possible. Come join us at one or more of our series of 'Spotlight on the Future' lectures to learn more...