Community Projects - Interiors

For many students a highlight of their time at KLC is the opportunity to work on real community projects and to use their new design skills in a transformational way.

Students work in design teams for these projects which typically involve multi-faceted interior spaces and often include complex technical requirements. Challenges over the years have included hospitals and other medical spaces, community centres, yoga studios and offices for charities and schools.

Royal Gloucester Hospital

The 1990s - The very first community project undertaken by KLC students was a complete re-think of the accident and emergency department to improve functionality and create more uplifting spaces for staff and patients at the Royal Gloucester Hospital Emergency and Accident Department. 

The brief required KLC students to find solutions to problems experienced by staff in A&E including violence from patients, the need for a separate waiting area for children and facilitating a triage system for incoming patients

Great Ormond Street Hospital.

2012 - Students were asked to find solutions for the Central Clinical Administration Space (CCAS) and Hot Desk Office within the Same Day Admissions Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). 

An additional challenge was the designs had to be ‘portable’ so that they could be transferred and implemented at the new Morgan Stanley Clinical building which opened in 2015.

design changes lives_fourth feathers

2014 - The Feathers Association is a charity dating back to the 1930’s which supports youth activities in London. 

Students were asked to put forward innovative, sustainable and accessible designs for the re-imagination of the Fourth Feathers Youth and Community Centre in Marylebone. 

Energy use and the values and aspirations of the group were a key part of the brief which included Reception, cloakrooms and common areas, education, meeting TV and games room and a café.

Sketch proposals for the exterior of the building and an undeveloped area under the arches were also requested. 


Carneys Community Boxing Gym Carneys Community Boxing Gym 2

2015 - Carneys Community is a registered charity that gets disadvantaged and excluded young people off the street and gives them the skills, discipline and self-respect to turn their lives around and, in the words of the founder Mick Carney “to help people to be the best they can be.” 

Students were asked to put forward proposals for the reception, café, gym, office and meeting spaces in their two-storey building in Battersea to meet the needs of visitors and staff. 

Designs had to communicate the values and aspirations of Carneys and include ideas for how the façade of the building could be made to blend in with the grand Victorian residential architecture around it.

Duke of Edinborough Award

2016 - In 2016 recent graduates had the opportunity to re-design the offices for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Awards in Westminster.  They were asked to improve functionality while making the interiors a celebration of the work of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and to communicate the strength of the brand and the international links.


Community Folk AFH submission

2016-18 - From 2016-2018 Transforming and reconfiguring wards and public areas for staff and patients of the Royal Neurological Hospital Putney.  This included the re-design of the servery and restaurant – now named Reeds – for staff, patients and visitors with a grand opening in 2018; a holistic haven for helpers; staff quarters and two wards.

Independant school

2018-19 - Providing creative and innovative design solutions for a particularly challenging site for a Canary Wharf primary school for the Department of Education led by Mr Martin Evans.  The school was located as part of the new residential development in Wood Wharf Canary Wharf.

Yoga Studio Project

2019 - Transforming the offices and main exercise space of a Yoga studio and community centre for Wandsworth Borough Council Yoga Studio.

Body and SoulBody and Soul 2

2019-20 - For Body & Soul putting forward creative and budget-conscious designs to provide versatile spaces to accommodate a range of activities to counter life-threatening effects of childhood adversity.   Located in Clerkenwell, Body and Soul use a comprehensive, community-based and trauma-informed approach to address serious problems for people of all ages.


Rest Nest Karen HowesRest Nest Karen Howes 2.JPG Rest Nest Karen Howes 2

2020 - In 2020, KLC staff and students were delighted to have the opportunity to show their support for NHS by designing spaces for hospital staff to withdraw to and re-energise n their breaks.  The teams worked with Imperial College Healthcare Trust and designer Karen Howes Rest Nest charity, to design integrated breakout areas into the existing open plan cafeteria spaces at both the Charing Cross and Hammersmith hospital sites to provide a sanctuary for all hospital workers to withdraw to during breaks, away from the general public and their working environments in order to re-energise.  One of the requirements was for the designs to be able to be rolled out across all the further hospital sites to unity the brand experience.


Neurokinex 2Neurokinex

2020-21 - For Neurokinex, developing an undesignated space as a neurological rehabilitation centre for children with various forms of paralysis. Neurokinex is a charity that offers personalised neurological rehabilitation for various forms of paralysis with rehabilitation centres in Gatwick, Bristol and Hemel Hempstead. Their vision is to make high-quality rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes more accessible and inclusive for those living with various forms of paralysis.

St Giles Trust

2021 - Students re-designed the offices of the St Giles Trust, a charity supporting vulnerable young people and families to improve functionality and create more uplifting and welcoming spaces for the wellbeing of visitors and staff.  The Trust tackles problems such as gang exploitation, substance misuse, poverty and unemployment to address underlying issues, build resilience and independence.

Essex Wildlife 1Essex Wildlife 2

2021-22 - During 2021 and 2022, students engaged in a rather different community project, providing budget-conscious designs for the interior of the Chalford Gorges Nature Discover Centre to represent and communicate the value and aspirations of the Essex Wildlife Trust. 

This is a leading conservation charity, committed to protecting wildlife and inspiring a lifelong love of nature that manages nature reserves and discovery parks across Essex county while providing outdoor education and reserving places of wonder. They protect over 8,400 acres of land across 87 sites and while protecting and caring for wildlife and wild places, they also campaign to give wildlife a greater voice in the Essex country.