Industry Competitions

Industry competitions provide a really inspirational way to open up wider opportunities for our students and graduates.

These competitions give students the chance to work on a commercial brief and to design bespoke pieces or spaces that enhance their portfolio. For the winners there is often the excitement of seeing their design being turned into reality as well as offers of internships or permanent placements with the host company.  Over the years, students have turned their hand to designing a wide variety of products, including fireplaces, baths and a variety of furniture, fabrics, wallpapers, rugs and light fittings.

Industry Competitions have involved collaborations with many companies and designers including Nina Campbell, Andrew Martin, Chesneys, Porta Romana, Coles, Drummonds, Blackbird, Amara, Vero, Lombok, Tom Faulkner, Crucial Trading, Savoir Beds.

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Place2Be Competition Counselling Room 2

For KLC’s 25th anniversary KLC teams up with children’s mental health charity Place2BE with competition for students to design a room that is a ‘place2be for children in schools to receive counselling. Ten years later the continuing partnership is celebrated with a second competition.  KLC also supports Place2BE’s fundraising annual carol service