Focus/20 - KLC School of Design presents 'The Inside Story: An Holistic Approach to Design Post Lockdown'

to - Online webinar

Thursday 17 September: 2pm – 2.30pm

KLC @ Focus 2020 panel discussion  - Inside Story

Guest speakers:
Benji Lewis – Benji Lewis Design, Zoom that Room.
Phoebe Oldrey –SmartStyle Interiors
Bhavin Taylor –Bhavin Taylor Design
Moderator: Suzanne Imre - Former LivingEtc Editor, Brand and Content Consultant, Interior Designer.

The past few months of change have had a profound impact on our relationship with our homes. Now more than ever they are viewed as an oasis of calm and safety, while many people have had to adapt to incorporate the extra functions of home-working, home-schooling, and simply spending more time together. Interior designers are ideally suited to offer their insights into how they expect our homes will change. KCL’s session discusses these changes and updates being made in the home, the effects of this time, and the techniques used to bring areas of our homes to life.


Online webinar