Do you have a strategy for 2018?


So you’re a brilliant designer, but do you have a strategy in place for 2018?

By Polly Williams, Camberyard


Polly Williams is the founder of Camberyard, a multi-award winning advisory firm offering mentoring, business advice and collaborative opportunities to interior design professionals. She shares her top tips for 2018:


Keep in mind what started you on your design path. No matter where you are in your career, it is important to step back and consider your strengths, your weaknesses and the passion that drives you forward. Thinking about your skills and recalling that initial drive will help you keep your foundations solid, stay true to your core principles and focus your talents on what you do best. Diversifying comes naturally when you excel in a certain area.   


The basis of all successful businesses is a solid strategy. In addition to keeping your original motivations in mind, you should have a regular business review / planning session built into your schedule. Regularly evaluating what’s working and what’s not – and, crucially, taking action to amend your strategy where necessary – will ensure you develop your business most effectively.


In the vast design world, there are numerous platforms to show and tell what you do: social media, magazines, photoshoots, shops, creative design groups, friends in your network or art and design-related events amongst others. Word of mouth is a big source of new customers and, by networking and getting yourself and your craft/brand in front of people, you may also meet potential collaborators. And you may find new inspiration on the way!


Part of staying fresh is knowing who else is out there. Looking at market trends, the dynamics of the design market and how your fellow designers or brands run their businesses can help you to understand your own value, how to run your business better, and how to more effectively differentiate your offering.



Everyone in the design world – at every level – can benefit from talking things through with a design professional not directly connected to them or their business. Bouncing off ideas, sharing concerns, receiving personalised business advice and getting introduced to new contacts can help you stay on track and inspired. A good mentor can also help grow and develop your business in the right direction. It’s worth it.


Camberyard is founded on the belief that collaboration is more powerful than competition. All of its clients become part of a group with whom they can meet to share skills and ideas. Link up with your fellow designers from time to time to draw on each other’s talents. More likely than not – you can help each other to succeed. 

I believe in taking a holistic approach to business. My goal is to empower designers and brands to create and grow their company from the inside out, using a 360-degree framework that includes lifestyle, ambition and ability. Looking at the full picture and considering all of these factors is, in my experience, the best way to set yourself up for success. It helps you to having a balanced, successful and, most importantly, sustainable business. I wish you all the very best for 2018!


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