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Written by: Nicla D Interiors

Interior designers have several sources of inspiration when working on a space for clients. My main inspiration for colour schemes is abstract paintings. I love vibrant, bold colour, like the artwork by Wassily Kandinsky.


What inspires the designs you create for your clients?

When I design spaces for my clients, their lives and passions usually inspire me. During my first meeting with them, I tend to ask a lot of questions, so I get to know them better. I ask about their lifestyle and what they like doing in their free time. Most of the time, their hobbies, like riding a horse or playing an instrument influence my design. My theory is that the space they live in should be a reflection of who they are and what they like most.


How do you draw out your customers’ preferences for art/sculpture?

I ask about their travels, where they like to spend their holidays or hang out at the weekend. I also look around their house to see what they have on display – usually the objects they surround themselves with can tell you a lot about their art and sculpture preferences. For example a couple I worked with years ago, after spending years living in Thailand, developed a preference for wooden sculpture and Asian art. It was obvious by looking at the flat they wanted me to refurbish that they were passionate about this type of art. Sometimes if they aren’t clear, I show them catalogues of artists I really love and ask them which art they prefer.


Whereabouts in the design process do you consider including art/sculpture in your plan?

This can vary. Sometimes my clients and I decide to start the design process based on a piece of art they own. The artwork will then dictate the colour scheme and the design style. If we don’t have a piece of art as a focal point, I often take two different approaches. I either choose one piece of art as a focal point, which I will take inspiration from to start my design process. Or I define the design style first and then include art and sculpture at the end as finishing touches.


If you could give one bit of design advice what would it be?

Never follow trends unless you love them. They will make your home impersonal. Instead, make your house a temple where you surround yourself with things you love. The items you display should be special and imbued with meaning. You should be proud to tell the story behind them to friends and family that visit you.




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