BBC Gardeners World Beautiful Borders Competition


We are delighted that two of our Open Learning Garden Diploma students, Jess Hadfield and Bela Agarwal, have won awards for their border designs at this year’s BBC Gardeners World Beautiful Borders competition in Birmingham.

Jess Hadfield of Fill Your Heart Gardens was awarded Silver for her beautiful design ‘Think Again’.

The 'Think Again Garden' aims to reclaim an unloved part of Ladybrook Primary School, to create a place where the children can learn and practice 'positive thinking'. A path winds past the Thought Tree, decorated with 'positive notes' written by the pupils, and placed randomly to signal the importance of mental well-being at all stages of life. A vegetable garden of medicinal herbs, pollinating flowers and companion planting encourages children to tend, train and taste. It reinforces the value of exercise, healthy eating and the need for balance and nurture. The materials are modest, sustainable and realistic. It’s an inclusive design to be enjoyed by everyone.

BBC Gardeners World

BBC Gardeners World

“Many of the plants were grown by myself in my own greenhouse so as you can imagine it was quite a project for a few months. I loved it though and am very proud to say I achieved a Silver award.” Jess

Bela Agarwal won a well-deserved Bronze award for her wonderful border design ‘Childhood Garden’, pictured below, based on memories of her childhood in India.

“It was a fantastic experience. Encouragement from so many experienced people in the industry and learnings shared by other new comers is very motivating.” Bela

Pictured below; Jess with Adam Frost

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