Diploma HE 'Live Karma Yoga' Presentations


Some of the Diploma HE students at KLC have recently completed a project with Live Karma Yoga at the Training and Resource Centre in Wandsworth.

As a school, we have worked closely with Live Karma Yoga over the years, offering Yoga classes here at the school and working with Wandsworth Council on past projects at Carney’s community.

Live Karma Yoga encourages community spirit, accessibility and empowerment through Yoga. They offer classes, workshops, events, mentoring, training and retreats in support of their local communities. Their intention is to break down barriers and bring people together.To do this, they provide classes that are accessible and affordable to all, offering funded places to those that need it and the majority of their proceeds being invested back into the community and charities that they partner with.

Community centres are continuously closing down around London. As a result of this, crime rate is rising rapidly. Live Karma Yoga’s aim for the TRC is to prevent closure by transforming the space into a thriving hub that is centred around community and wellbeing.

Our aim here at KLC was to give them the leverage they needed to help push this forward. By approaching the council with a solid design proposal and some possible outside sponsors, LKY will now have the support to back up their initial ideas for the Centre.

The students had to think mindfully about the design of the space and ensure it was adaptable to many different scenarios. From counsellors meetings, workshops and creativity spaces - to yoga classes, hot desks and acupuncture. The space needed to be flexible and provide the resources needed in order to prevent the centre from closing.

The project had to be well-considered and budget conscious. There were some spaces within the building that were to be suitable to hire out, whilst staying in keeping with the rest of the design. This was important to generate much needed revenue into the centre.  

The students conducted in depth research into the different areas and fully immersed themselves into the experience. From speaking to therapists to taking some of the classes, they really put in every effort to support their clients on this project and the results blew the clients away.

Well done to all Diploma HE students and tutors.

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